April 2015

The imposing Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg

On a trip to Russia, an interesting option to learn a part of its history; It is the Artillery museum in St. Petersburg. The building dates from the time of Peter the Great, interested in publicizing the history of weapons, with an emphasis on Russia.
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Recorrer Moscú

A way of living Russian literature

Touring Moscow while traveling is a unique opportunity to get to know amazing places. If you are a fan of Russian literature, here we bring you what to see about Literature in Moscow. For example, visiting the Nikolai Gogol Museum in Moscow is ideal for this occasion.
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Lugares para dormir en Moscú

Hotel Metropol Moscow

One of the buildings that most attracts the attention of tourists in the Russian capital is the Hotel Metropol Moscow. Not only because it is one of the most famous and luxurious places to sleep in Moscow but because it carries behind it. Hidden in its imposing silhouette that stands towards the Russian sky, an...
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Visitar la cueva de hielo de Kungur

Kungur ice cave

One of the largest caves in all of Russia. The Kungur Ice Cave is located between the Perm and Yekateringurg region, in the Urals. The scientists and geologists who study this peculiar cave affirm that its formation dates from about 10 thousand to 12 thousand years ago. So it is one of the oldest caverns...
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Visitar la región de Carelia en Rusia

Karelia between fjords and history

Karelia is a region located in northern Russia and endowed with fascinating beauty; which makes it a place of interest worthy of entering the itinerary of your tour of Russia. To give you an idea; In Lake Ládoga you can see fjords. Those incredible landscapes so typical of Norway.
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Donde comer en San Petersburgo

Gastronomic tourism in St. Petersburg

In recent years, gastronomy has been widely used as an excuse to know places. The idea is to understand something new about the culture and idiosyncrasies of the population through local flavors.
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