February 2016
Sitios interesantes que ver en Moscú

Cafe Margarita Moscow

Interesting places to see in Moscow, a city full of amazing history. What places to eat to visit in Moscow, there are thousands, but today we bring you an article to know the good things about visiting the Café Margarita Moscow.
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Que esculturas ver en San Petersburgo

The Shin-Tsa of Petrovski

In St. Petersburg, there is a tradition of decorating bridges, embankments and buildings with stone lions. The most unusual of them can legitimately be considered the statues of Shih Tzu
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Cosas que ver en Leningrado

Stalingrad, war and cinema

In October 2013, the film directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk "Stalingrad" was released, most of which was filmed in the town of Saperny, near St. Petersburg. The film set "Stalingrad" has become a popular attraction for residents and guests of the northern capital.Filmación de la película "Stalingrado"
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Que animales ver en Vladivostok

Vladivostok Tigers

What animals to see in Vladivostok, if you are a lover of nature and animals, this is your place. Guided tours in Vladivostok are possible. Hiking in Vladivostok is ideal to rest a little from the city.
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Que actividades hacer en el Lago Baikal durante el invierno

Lake Baikal, ice cycling

Visiting Lake Baikal during winter makes it an opportunity to have a great time. What to see in Lake Baikal here we will tell you. What activities to do on Lake Baikal during winter, come and discover it.
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