August 2016

Yakutia, the realm of perpetual cold

Yakutsk is the largest city in northeastern Russia, the third largest population in the Far East in principle. In general, it is the only settlement in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), a remote and extreme place where the beautiful Siberian landscapes predominate, but that amazes any visitor with its beautiful landscapes
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Swallow’s Nest

"Swallow's Nest": the same toy castle on a steep rock that adorns almost all the covers of travel publications on the southern coast of Crimea. No kidding, even on the cover of National Geographic, this castle managed to visit. And this despite the fact that this building cannot be called a royal castle.
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Starocherkasskaya, the forbidden people

If in Russia all peoples in terms of wealth of views were like Starocherkasskaya, our country would quickly become a tourist mecca. It combines the original culture and flavor of Don's landscapes. Many festivals take place annually in the village
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