March 2017

The Tretyakov Gallery

Founded in 1856 by Pável Tretiakov, the gallery has a collection of 130,000 works of art. It has an accessible and strategic location, in the center of the city and in front of the Kremlin, along the south bank of the Moskva River.
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Activities to do in a day in St. Petersburg

What to see in St. Petersburg in one day Coming to St. Petersburg for a day for the first time in my life, whatever you say, is still a shock. To see all the attributes of the city in the Neva that are familiar to us since childhood, breathe the air of St. Petersburg, walk...
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Aurora cruiser

The Aurora cruiser in St. Petersburg is the legendary warship moored on the Petrograd embankment of the northern capital. The ship is constantly in combat service sailors of the Navy. The Aurora cruiser in St. Petersburg is one of the symbols of the northern capital.
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