August 2017

The Shamanic Center “Ai-Churek”

The Shamanic Center Ai-Churek, What to visit in Kyzyl, the Religious and Cultural Center of Shamanism Ai-Churek, The clinic of the Shamanic Center Ai-Churek, How to go to the Shamanic Center Ai-Churek
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The Trinity Church in Kyzyl

If you want to know the most iconic places of religion in Russia and what other places to see in Kyzyl, here we tell you; One of the best example is visiting the Trinity Church in Kyzyl is an opportunity where you will know part of the history of the region. How to get to...
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The Buddhist Prayer Wheel

We will show you the various religious icons of the different cultures that can be appreciated in Russia. this time one of the most important monuments of the Buddhist religion located in Russia
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The Tsechenling Buddhist Temple

Visiting the Tsechenling Buddhist temple is an opportunity to meet and admire Kyzyl. The most wonderful monuments to Buddhism in Tyva here we will show you. One of the most amazing places in Kyzyl that you can't miss
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The Aliosha Composite Theater-Museum

Visiting the Aliosha Museum-Theater in Yaroslavl is a unique opportunity to see one of the great museums of the city. If you are interested in this city, here we show you the best of it. We will teach you from its history to how to get to the Aliosha Museum-Theater.
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