March 2019

Matrioskas: Russian dolls

We tell you about the interesting places of Russia, places to visit in Russia, interesting things about the Chinese sphinxes, the Shin-Tsa of Petrovsky in St. Petersburg, places to visit in St. Petersburg.
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The Root Desert

The Root Desert in Kursk is located approximately half an hour's drive from Kursk, on the banks of the Tuskar River, it is a remote place in Russia, but where you can also find beautiful architectural samples of the Orthodox culture and religion that prevails in the whole country
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How to get the Russian visa?

We give you a report on the necessary requirements so you can spend a beautiful holiday You and your family in Russia, requirements to travel to Russia
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Russian Museums

The second floor will show a series of vases and glass coffins that the artist uses as a canvas and converts with acrylic paints and varnishes into bright and picturesque objects with patterns of smooth lines flowing between each other, abstract shapes and complex combinations of colors. Each exhibition hall is dedicated to a specific...
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