4 Movies filmed in Russia.

Due to its geography, architecture, and historical significance, Russia has served as a location for many films. Here is a small count of them, for you, a movie buff or not, to visit and explore these places became history at the hands of the cinema.


Its first version, directed by Boris Nirenburg and filmed in 1968, was held at the premises of the Soviet Central Television Studios. The studies served as a propaganda tool during the time of the Soviet Union. Today, only one section remains standing, in Saint Petersburg. They correspond to a television channel created at this stage, and it is called Channel Five. It was created in 1938.


El mito de BourneThe Bourne Supremacy

In this work worldwide recognition, 45 minutes remaining happening in Moscow. Matt Damon stars in one of the best chase scenes in movie history. One of the scenes was shot in the Moscow metro station, attractive for its beautiful architecture. And much of the story has been filmed in the Russian capital.


brat-2Brat 2 (Brother 2)

a Russian film, sequel of “Bratz”. The film was shot in various locations including locations in the United States and Moscow. In Moscow, they will include very famous landmarks such as Red Square representative, which is considered the center of Moscow and All Russia. It also included the traditional luxurious Hotel Metropol, especially closed for the occasion. Ostankino television studios, also part of the filming, in this case during a scene early in the film in which the character Danila attends the beginning of the film there as a guest to one of its programs.


la hora oscura

The Darkest Hour.

is a film directed by Chris Gorak with the production of Timur Bekmambetov. His elaborate argument refers to a story about an alien invasion from the Russian perspective. The film’s high budget is around fifty million dollars. It was filmed in Moscow, and the Bazelevs company lent its resources for filming, but filming had to be temporarily suspended for three weeks due to a natural catastrophe: a wave of fires shook Moscow. Filming resumed in 2010 and the film was released in 2011.