5 most popular superstitions in Russia

Signs and superstitions are an integral part of our life, since we unconsciously follow many of them. Yes, even if you don’t believe in them, your environment will still remind you that you need to “touch a tree” or something else that is appropriate for the occasion.

It seems that, after all, the times when people worshiped pagan gods have long since disappeared, and it is from there that all the signs and left, in addition, the church rejects all these superstitions, but they have rooted so much among people that they have become a kind of tradition.

If statistics are made, then it is unlikely that someone’s omens come true more often than not come true, well, except that “washing the car in the rain”, for some reason this always works. In addition, each superstitious person has their own set of signs, based on their own experience. So, perhaps the whole question is how we program ourselves, because it is faith and a positive attitude that works wonders. But even if you are not superstitious, before an important event, you still try to listen to popular wisdom so as not to interfere with luck. Do they always come true? No, of course, not always. So, is there any point in believing in them and is there anything rational about them?

It is impossible to list all superstitions, but we have compiled a rating of the most popular and not only on their meaning, but also where they come from. And then it will be clear if it makes sense to follow them.


To pause, put yourself in a state of harmony, another sign is connected.

This superstition has, like most, pagan roots. In those days, they believed that a brownie lives in each house, but he is an economical creature, and terribly does not like something or someone disappearing from the house. If you manage to remove an object, then know: this only with your approval. And if you’ve lost something, then the brownie simply doesn’t want this thing to leave the house.

Then, by the tradition of sitting on the track, our ancestors cheated the brownie, it seems that everything is in its place and nobody will go anywhere. But instead of letting go, the brownie will follow you, but the house will remain unattended and problems will surely happen. Also, your kind housekeeper at this time can give some sign that a danger or nuisance is expected. In those days, moreover, conspiracies were spoken in a good way.

If you plan to go somewhere, be sure to sit on the road and listen in silence, suddenly the brownie gives you a signal, well, at the same time, put your thoughts in order, calm down and tune in a good way.


Fourthly, there is an omen that everyone is familiar with and they know what needs to be done so that it does not come true.

What will happen if you return home for something forgotten? In general, this sign is associated with faith in the spirits and brownies that inhabit your home. And if suddenly you are not planning to return home, disturb your peace, they will cling to you and do you much harm. To avoid this, you need a ritual of protection: stop for a second before going out and looking in the mirror, so that you leave everything wrong.

But there is also a simple psychological explanation: you take your breath away, you calm down, the mirror gives you the opportunity to see yourself and realize the current moment.


Speaking of the third most popular superstition, we will discover what black cats were guilty of.
It turns out that there are many signs about these unfortunate animals and they don’t always bring misfortune, by the way, well, for example, if you have a black cat in the house, there will always be lovers in it. Or if a black cat sneezes near the bride, then there will be happiness.

But, of course, the most popular superstition is that a black cat that crosses the street will bring bad luck throughout the day. Why a cat and why black? Therefore, it is likely that Slavic mythology associated evil animals with these animals and considered witches as a sinister symbol. Although in England it is quite the opposite, and they believe that white seals bring misfortune.

2. FRIDAY 13

Secondly, there is a sign about the day when dangers and problems await us.

This is a very popular superstition among all nations and among psychiatrists, a special term has even been pointed out for people who fear this date:

Friday the 13th is associated with many events. It is believed that Eve tasted the forbidden fruit and seduced Adam that day. Cain also killed Abel on Friday the 13th. Christ was crucified on Friday, and the 13th Apostle betrayed Jesus.
A popular explanation is the arrest of members of the Knights Templar. But the oldest beliefs say that on this day 12 witches gather for Saturday, all evil spirits join them, and with the arrival of the full moon Satan appears.

So these days, many people prefer not to leave home this day, and if fear haunts you, you can visit the church and not plan important things.


The most popular sign is to touch a tree so as not to mistreat it.

This superstition has come to us since pagan times, since our ancestors believed that spirits lived in a tree and turned to them to protect themselves. But modern tradition is already connected with Christian time, a touch on a tree was identified as a touch on a cross in which Christ was crucified. Therefore, by touching a tree we transmit our bad thoughts.

It is necessary to play three times, the three nations are considered a magical number, and in Christianity it is associated with the Holy Trinity. Well, if we add “no to the evil eye” to these actions, then we get a complete conspiracy.

As you can see, many of the superstitions are based not only on faith in spirits, brownies, but on centuries-old observations, the experience of generations, popular wisdom, in quite correct psychological aspects and there is a rational link in many aspects, so It is worth considering. After all, all coincidences are not random! Or random?

There is no evidence of this, the main thing is just your faith in it. By the way, you can have your own signs, formed on the basis of personal observations and always come true, as with a car wash, well, you remember. And don’t be afraid of all these superstitions, because for each of them there is a conspiracy or ceremony to avoid misfortune. So remember that whatever happens, everything will be fine, the main thing is to believe in this. Good luck in everything!