What to see in the city of Kazan: visit interesting places in Kazan

What to see in the city of Kazan during your stay. Visiting the Kazan Kremlin is a good option to start your tour. Visit interesting places in Kazan and more we mention it here.

In this article, you will find an overview of the main attractions of Kazan with a photo, video and description, location on the map and where to go and what to see in Kazan in 2 to 3 days.

Kazan in summer and winter attracts travelers from many countries. Opening Kazan for children is an excellent idea, since it is in the capital of Tatarstan where the best water parks, museums, entertainment centers, children’s theaters and amusement parks are concentrated.

The views of Kazan are so diverse in quantity and content that it is hardly possible to study them carefully in a short period of time.

It seems that Kazan can claim the title of the capital of the entire country, even if he only has his own Kazan Kremlin. The Kremlin complex in the Millennium Square is the first thing you should visit in Kazan if you come to the city for the first time.

The complex includes iconic historical monuments such as the Syuyumbike tower, the Governor’s Palace, the Annunciation Cathedral, the Transfiguration Monastery, the Palace church (Vvedenskaya), the Presidential Palace, the Kazan Khans mausoleum and many other buildings past times. The fragments of the stone pylon in Kazan belong to the pre-Mongol period and preserve the ancient history of the Kremlin. Of course, the “pearl” of the Kazan Kremlin is the Kul-Sharif mosque, which is the most recognizable photographed place in the city.

In the territory of the Kremlin are also several exhibitions of the museum, telling about the history and development of religion in the city, which include the center “Hermitage-Kazan”, Tatarstan Museum of natural history, the history of the Tatarstan Museum State, Exhibition Hall “Manege”, Weapons Museum “Spirit of War”, the Museum of Islamic Culture and the Museum of History of the Cathedral of the Annunciation. In the “historic heart” near the Kremlin, the 1st Square May is the oldest in the city, a short distance from the square is a fountain in the Kremlin, a monument to the philanthropist and a monument to Musa Jalil.

Visit the Kazan Kremlin

You can see the Kremlin not only on your trip to Moscow, but also in the city of Kazan. This is the oldest part of Kazan: from here the construction of the city began. It used to be a powerful oak fortress with stone mosques and the Kan palace, surrounded by deep moats and thick forests. It is now a white Museum of almost 14 hectares located on the high bank of the Kazanka River. It consists of a fortified village of the X-XVI centuries, a stone and brick Kremlin of the XVI-XVIII centuries, and buildings of the XVI-XIX centuries. The Kazan Kremlin is the only one in the world center of Tartar culture and state government. It is also the only tartar fortress in Russia preserved.

Temple of all religions in Kazan

Templo de todas las religiones

The architect of this exotic complex is Ildar Khanov. Since 1994, he is building a unique structure in his garden on the outskirts of Kazan, which miraculously combines the Christian cross, the Muslim crescent, the star of David and the Chinese dome. Although here they do not perform any ceremonies because it is not a church. It is only a building inside similar to a house. Build this wonder Khanov decided after his trip to Tibet and India, where he learned oriental art, Buddhism, yoga and Chinese and Tibetan medicine. Entrepreneurs and supportive people help you carry out this plan.


Qol Šärif Mosque in Kazan

The construction of this white mosque with the dome and blue roofs began in 1996. It is the reconstruction of a legendary mosque. It was the center of religious education in the 16th century and was destroyed in 1552 by the troops of Ivan the Terrible. The mosque was opened June 24, 2005 for the Kazan millennium. Now it is a symbol of the city and the Republic.

Siuyumbiké Tower in Kazan

The Kremlin pearl of Kazan, one of the tallest fallen towers in Europe. It is the architectural symbol of the city and one of the most mysterious places of interest in Kazan. The history of this monument is covered by several legends. For one version, the last queen of Kanato de Kazan, Siuyumbiké, ordered Ivan the Terrible to build this tower in seven days and then launched from his height. For another version the Russians built those who conquered Kazan as the symbol of respect for the great culture dominated by them. There are rumors about the ghost of Siuyumbiké that supposedly still lives in the tower. But the centificos found that the tower is approximately 300 years old.

The blue lakes in Kazan

7 lugares interesantes de Kazán

20 kilometers from Kazan there are incredible places famous for the beauty of its nature, the pure air, variety of flora and fauna etc. And also for the blue lakes. It is a chain of incredibly beautiful light blue lakes surrounded by a thick forest. The lakes pass from one to another; on one site they become a small waterfall and then enter the Kazanka river. The chain of lakes is long but not very deep: no more than 2 meters. Only in one place there is something similar to a funnel called Big Blue Lake, although very large it is not: it is only 16 meters deep.



Raifa Monastery of Kazan

This wonderful monastery is located 27 kilometers northwest of Kazan, near Zelenodolsk and the Volga-Kama Nature Reserve. Pilgrims receive not only monks but also bears, rabbits, cats made of wood. And the frogs that are the symbol of the monastery. Raifa Monastery was founded on the shore of Lake Raifa in the seventeenth century by the Filaret hermit. There are three churches here: it is the cathedral of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Georgia (where they keep the most important treasure of the monastery – the miraculous icon), The Trinity Cathedral, and the consecrated cathedral in honor of Raife parents and Sinai

The Kazan Riviera

The most important of this great complex of all possible amusements; Of course, it is the water park, the largest in Russia; with 15 aquatic attractions, the swimming pool with artificial waves, jacuzzi, saunas, solariums and good conditions for diving and surfing. The huge outdoor pool (80 meters) works all year round with the water temperature of 30 degrees where you can swim even in the snow.


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