Citizen market of Russian food in Moscow

On your trip to Russia you can visit a citizen market of Russian food that will take place this weekend (December 13 and 14, 2020) in Moscow.

This is a festival where new companies, restaurants, coffee shops, food stores teach their new dishes and products for cheap prices. It is a monthly festival that anyone interested can access.

If you want to try typical Russian food, this market is the ideal place.

This will be the last festival of this year. This festival of typical Russian food has had great success; not only among Russians but also among tourists who came to taste traditional Russian food.

In these festivals visitors can not only eat different typical Russian dishes but also listen to music, meet people, meet new restaurants and cafes. This festival has been organized by a non-profit association.

For those who want to visit this market, they will find it on Baltiyskaya 11, Moscow. Sokol Metro

Next year it will be organized again and a success similar or superior to that of this year is expected.

Festival of typical Russian food only in GauiRus we tell you. Tasting typical Russian food is a delight for your taste buds. Visiting a citizen market of Russian food is now possible.

We leave you some photos.

Gastronomic festivals in time

The first gastronomic festivals in history date from the so-called medieval fairs, which appeared in the 11th-12th centuries in Europe, where during the church holidays, the king or another feudal lord of high rank organized an entertaining event for all his vassals , in which, even poor farmers could eat the delicious dishes offered there.

Already for the 21st century, the rise of gastronomic festivals scales within the tourism policies of the great economic powers, where you relate them to street food became a worldwide trend.

Liberty sensation

No one can deny that walking among a crowd of people with a hamburger, falafel or haute cuisine on a plastic plate, provides a sense of inner freedom and belonging to the world, connecting with people of flesh and blood.

Milestones at cooking festivals

The modern food festivals not only offer ample gastronomic possibilities, but also a show, where they seek to break records in culinary practices, sales, production, and many other promises in the kitchen.

The biggest food festivals in Moscow.

1. “Local food market” in the Moscow Museum (Zubovsky Boulevard, 2.)

The Muscovite Anastasia Kolesnikova began the tradition of local food festivals in Moscow in the early 2010s, opening a community on Facebook: “Local food”.

He dreamed of creating a platform in the capital, where about 100 square meters where novice chefs could try their novel ideas and receive guests. However, such a project seemed too expensive.

Then Anastasia opened the page on Facebook, in order to promote entrepreneurship in culinary matters, which boosted the performance of the festival.
Now “Local Food” is a kind of union or production center for new food companies.

The local food market is, in fact, a pioneer of the gastronomic festivals of the capital, which are held monthly from May to October.

The philosophy of the festival consists mainly of an honest communication between the authors of the gastronomic projects and the clients.

2. Grenadine Gastronomic Festival (Sokolniki Val, 1, Sokolniki Park, Hall No. 2.)

Granadina promises to be a large-scale event. It is a state project that coincides with the first Tourist Week of most Russian regions, implemented by Aspect.
The organizers predict about 250 thousand visitors in two days and more than 200 participants from various regions. In addition, in the advertising texts about the event it is called the first gastronomic festival in Russia.

3. Vegetarian market “VegMart” (Baja Syromyatnicheskaya, 10.)

The VegMart market has been held in Moscow monthly for several years.
The leader and inspiring ideological festival of a healthy lifestyle, Nikita Shipilov, says that the goal of his projects is not only to make events popular with his people, but also to open vegetarianism for the neophytes.

Vegetarianism is, first of all, a non-violent attitude towards nature, therefore, Shipilov recommends coming to VegMart only with its dishes.

According to him, despite the positive and ideological, vegetarian festivals often reserve a mountain of disposable tableware. So they have proposed that participants get a 5% discount if they attend with their plate and cup.

4. Coffee and tea fair in Sokolniki

This gastronomic festival is organized by the popular magazine “Coffee and tea in Russia”, with the support of the municipal authorities. This food and drink festival is held regularly in the warmer months, outdoors.

The philosophy of the event is to popularize a healthy lifestyle, as well as the culture of tea and coffee consumption. Where according to the organizers, visitors can see the usual drinks with different eyes.

In addition, the program includes competitions and championships, master classes, where you can understand the most delicate secrets of beverage preparation.

5. Food Show Festival 2018 (Sokolniki)

The culinary show in Sokolniki takes place annually in covered pavilions, the first winter weekend.

This gastronomic festival is positioned as the most extensive emerging culinary studio.

Where the peculiarity of emerging restaurants or studios is that you can open them anytime, anywhere.

As a general rule, for restore points in pop-up format, they do not require special permissions.

The organizers of the 2018 Food Show bring together gastronomic enthusiasts from all over the world, both from the heavyweights of the industry and from the startup projects.

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