What to see in a day in St. Petersburg

What to see in a day in St. Petersburg while touring this beautiful city. Excursion in 1 day in St. Petersburg is pleasant and unique. Where to go in St. Petersburg in 1 day here we show you.

Another unmissable city for you during your trip to Russia, without a doubt is St. Petersburg.

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world; St. Petersburg has to offer you its impressive architecture; its museums and theaters, its beautiful bridges and its canals.

The following is a suggestion for a city tour; visiting only a few places that the city has to offer.

To tour St. Petersburg as the city deserves it, just one day is not enough.

Where to go in St. Petersburg in 1 day

What to see in St. Petersburg in one day Coming to St. Petersburg for a day for the first time in my life, whatever you say, is still a shock. To see all the attributes of the city in the Neva that are familiar to us since childhood, breathe the air of St. Petersburg, walk along the famous Nevsky Prospect: the beauty and pride of St. Petersburg, take pictures on the Anichkov Bridge , etc etc. Content:

Do not flatter yourself. The scales of Petersburg, countless places of interest and very beautiful places are eaten quickly all the time allotted to know the city. Therefore, it is initially better to prioritize what is necessary for you and what is secondary. As the world proletariat leader once taught, it is necessary to develop a minimum program and a maximum program, based on the calculation of one’s own strengths, time and passions.

Many take the Fontanka embankment as a corner of Florence We must take into account immediately that the main variety of attractions of St. Petersburg is concentrated in the central historical part of the city with a radius of about 5 km. This includes the central part of Nevsky Prospect, Palace, Senate and St. Isaac’s Squares, Admiralty, Peter and Paul Fortress, all major cathedrals, palaces, museums, many bridges, canal embankments and landscaped gardens (for more details, see St. Petersburg in summer).

In Nevsky Prospect – Catherine Square with the Alexandria Theater In principle, in a day in St. Petersburg you can see independently all the most emblematic architectural symbols of the city. Also, visit one of the famous, but not very large palaces, the famous cathedrals, if possible, reach the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Anichkov Palace and Anichkov Bridge: famous places of Nevsky Look at the Summer Garden for an hour or two from the side of the Palace Embankment, slowly walking along the Moika or Fontanka embankment and, if possible, take a ride on boat. Therefore, in just one day you can touch the history of St. Petersburg, see most of the textbooks and experience the unique aura of Petersburg. All tourists want to visit the summer garden. Where to start exploring the city? It depends on where you are.

If you arrived at Moskovsky train station and left at night, start your inspection from Nevsky Prospekt directly from the train station, moving left to the Palace Square. Although, this route can be started from anywhere. Walking route for a known day in St. Petersburg: Moscow Station (Vosstaniya Square) – Nevsky Prospect – Palace Square – Alexander Garden – St. Isaac’s Square – Senate Square – Vasilyevsky Island Arrow – Peter and Paul Fortress (Island Hare) – Summer garden – Fontanka Embankment – Prospekt Nevsky – Moskovsky Station.

Rising Square: the beginning of the tourist route from the Moscow station Such a route, in our opinion, is the most optimal and logically constructive. Starting from the Rising Square, we begin, first of all, to get to know the city from the famous Nevsky Prospekt.

Secondly, let’s turn to the history of the creation of the city’s first transport artery, which was cut from the Admiralty to the Novgorod tract (now Ligovsky Prospect). Third, immerse yourself immediately in the atmosphere of the unique architecture of St. Petersburg. Nevsky Prospect – the main tourist road Moving to the Palace Square is better on the strange side. On this side of Nevsky there are three famous palaces: Beloselsky-Belozersky, Anichkov and Stroganovsky (one of them is Stroganovsky, you can visit), Catherine’s Square with a magnificent monument to Catherine the Second and Kazan Cathedral, a monumental orthodox monument to victory in the Patriotic War of 1812..

In addition, you can hire a tour in St. Petersburg that includes the following attractions:

Hermitage Museum: This museum is one of the largest museums of antiques and art galleries in the world. It consists of six buildings located in front of the Neva River. One of them is the former residence of the tsars: the Winter Palace. It has more than three million pieces in its collection. In addition to observing the works, you can enjoy its beautiful architecture.

Walking through the Canals: St. Petersburg is called the “Venice of the North” as it is furrowed by 80 canals that run through the city. The tourist is offered the possibility of taking a boat trip through one of these canals, as a special way to get to know the city, day or night.

Travel by Metro: as in Moscow, the St. Petersburg metro has a beautiful station. It is one of the deepest meters in the world. Do not miss the elegant decoration of the Avtovo station, the longest escalators in the world and the peculiar horizontal elevators.

Attend a play at the Mariinsky Theater: the traditional Mariinsky is one of the most important theaters in Russia. It presents the best opera and ballet shows, and also hosts the spectacular Mariinsky Ballet. This theater saw the greatest artists of Russian Opera and ballet parade through its tables. The interior of its main hall is simply imposing.

Observe the bridges on the Malecon of the Neva River: In summer, a peculiar attraction captures the attention of thousands of tourists. Especially during the “White Nights”, a large number of visitors gather to watch the spectacle offered by the numerous drawbridges that are located on the Neva River.

This city invites you to enjoy all its attractions. These are just some of the activities you can do during your trip to St. Petersburg.