Tour in the museum of the USSR in Russia: What to see in the museum of the USSR

Tour in the USSR museum in Russia to learn about the Soviet Union. What to see in the USSR Museum and more, here we bring it to you. Visiting in the USSR museum is a unique opportunity to go to the past.

Toys, old cars, computers, sewing machines. The National Museum of Industry exhibits a permanent exhibition that brings tourists and local citizens closer to what life was like in the Soviet Union.

Museum history

The huge red brick museum building closes Moscow’s main square from the northwest. It is located in front of the picturesque Church of the Protection of the Mother of God, better known as St. Basil’s Cathedral, and is harmoniously combined with the walls and towers of the Moscow Kremlin.

The idea of ​​organizing a historical museum was born in the mid-19th century. In 1872, a large Industrial Exhibition was held in Moscow, which served as a boost for the creation of two museums: the historical and the polytechnic. The first exhibits of the historical museum were archaeological exhibits of the exhibition and memories sent by veterans of the Crimean War.

For several years, so many objects were collected that Emperor Alexander II ordered the construction of a separate museum building. Through his decree, a special commission was created to organize a new museum, whose nucleus was formed by prominent historians B, O. Klyuchevsky, S. M. Soloviev, I. E. Zabelin and D. I. Ilovaisky.

The construction of a large building lasted 11 years and required significant sums of money. The organizers had to take a bank loan of 1.26 million rubles, and the repayment of this loan lasted 28 years.

When the work was completed, a huge pseudo-Russian style building appeared in the center of Moscow, whose eclectic appearance fit perfectly into the architecture of the Red Square. Kokoshniks, arched belts, flies, weights, tents and other elements of the traditional architecture of the old Russian were used to decorate the museum.

During the war years, the most valuable part of the collections was evacuated to Kazakhstan. It is noteworthy that even during the siege of the capital, the historical museum did not close and received visitors, being the only museum in operation in Moscow. Only in the fall of 1941 was it closed for a week to eliminate the consequences of the destruction that occurred during the bombing.

In the 1980s, problems of a technical nature had begun in the historical museum. For 100 years, the building has never been repaired and, therefore, is very damaged. The capital reconstruction of the museum was carried out between 1986 and 2002.

USSR museum tour in Russia

The museum has free admission, there are no excuses to stop living this experience during your next trip to Russia.

“Our collection is constantly updated,” says museum director Leo Zhelezniakov. “You can say that we are a classical museum in the conventional sense of the word. When we conceive it; the idea was to attract Russian families to remember the history of the objects that were part of their life. ” Nevertheless; The USSR museum is another attraction for tourists who want to see how it was lived in Russia in those years.

The most interesting object for visitors is the first Soviet television in black and white. This domestic dream of millions of people was manufactured in the USSR from 1949 to 1967.

In the museum tour of the USSR you can see old cars. The first Soviet motorcycles, sewing machines, boats and even huge movie projectors.

There is also a section dedicated to collecting school items. Along with uniforms and backpacks; there is a real wooden desk with a circular cavity for the ink and an elongated slot for the fountain pen.

Also on the museum tour of the USSR of these objects. There are also old wrappers of edible items. As milk, coffee and tea containers used at the time.

3 sections on the tour

  • Apartment

You can see modest furniture, a carpet mounted on the wall, a radio, Pravda newspaper, peasant and worker magazines. Canvas boots, aluminum spoons and forks, a plastic thermometer in the shape of a Kremlin tower and many other items, without fail. Found in every apartment of Soviet citizens.

You can inspect, photograph, browse magazines and books.

  • school

Part of the exhibition of the museum tour of the USSR talks about the life of Soviet schoolchildren. Here you will see school uniforms, October paraphernalia and pioneer organizations. Remember the October commandments: “Only those who love work are called people of October!”, “The people of October are true and brave, skilled and skilled.”

  • Pioneer corner

It will be especially interesting for modern teenagers to see the true form of Soviet schoolchildren, the musical instruments of the pioneers. The drum and the horn, the banners with the precepts of Ilich. Of course, the plaster bust of the leader of the world proletariat, who once was in all educational institutions and in every house.

And nearby, in the hall in front of the main museum exhibition, is one of the most amazing objects. The legendary launch of “Zaporozhets” of 1982. There are also stands with periodical publications from the USSR era you can see it in the museum tour of the USSR.

USSR Museum

The Soviet Union undoubtedly made a tremendous contribution to the development of humanity. Our museum of the USSR does not tell the story of the Soviet era, but the everyday objects that have become its symbols. For many, this is a world of memories, nostalgia, a world of youth and childhood.

Here, fathers and mothers, grandparents and grandmothers are happy to consider the situation that was once familiar. The objects that surrounded us in Soviet times.

The Museum of the USSR is a unique place where everyone makes a trip to the 60s, 70s and 80s of the twentieth century, not so distant but quickly forgotten. With the help of the exhibits, one can easily understand how the huge multinational country lived, which was proudly called the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”.

Our museum of the USSR is a place where memories of people whose childhood and youth spent in the country of the Soviets come alive. A place where young visitors can see the recent past of a great country.

What to see in the USSR Museum

The most important thing to see in the USSR Museum are your own emotions and memories associated with the Soviet era. What a person faces here is already in his memory: we only help to remember. For former citizens, the history of the USSR is not just the Cold War, the total deficit and the planned five-year plans.

The theme “Soviet Union” is popular in modern Russia. Exhibitions and museums are opening in Moscow, as in many cities, demonstrating life in Soviet times. More recently, in ETNOMIR there was an exhibition “Territory of the USSR” with many exhibitions in display cabinets and glass shelves.

What to see in the Museum of the USSR the exhibition is interactive, where it allows visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere presented. Sit at the school desk, browse old magazines and newspapers. Consider a map of the USSR, listen to vinyl records, to visit the department of an ordinary Soviet citizen.

The visit to the museum of the USSR and the selection of exhibited objects invite reflection on the place occupied by everyday things in our lives.

So when you plan your next tour in Russia, don’t forget to live this experience that will take you to the past for an afternoon.

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