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Moscows golden ring

The gold ring is one of the main tourist spots near Moscow, a walk with a great history where many of the Russian traditions are born in areas such as religious and artistic culture. Always adorned by beautiful museums, monasteries and landscapes.
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Matrioskas: Russian dolls

We tell you about the interesting places of Russia, places to visit in Russia, interesting things about the Chinese sphinxes, the Shin-Tsa of Petrovsky in St. Petersburg, places to visit in St. Petersburg.
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How to get the Russian visa?

We give you a report on the necessary requirements so you can spend a beautiful holiday You and your family in Russia, requirements to travel to Russia
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Russian Museums

The second floor will show a series of vases and glass coffins that the artist uses as a canvas and converts with acrylic paints and varnishes into bright and picturesque objects with patterns of smooth lines flowing between each other, abstract shapes and complex combinations of colors. Each exhibition hall is dedicated to a specific...
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Travel to Russia in June, July and August

Take advantage and enjoy the beautiful and interesting summer in Russia in the months of June, July and August and spend a lush vacation in the Baltic Sea, Caucasian mineral waters and much more ...
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Sergiev Posad Monastery

The Sergiev Posad Monastery or also more comfortable as LAVRA of Sergiev Posad is one of the most interesting places in Russia to know, taking an unforgettable experience and wanting to return
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Entertainment in Sochi

What can I see in Sochi? Information about entertainment in Sochi Where to go with children? The best hotels in Sochi with entertainment What entertainment in Sochi awaits children and adults regardless of the season, whether winter or summer?
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What to see in Moscow and St. Petersburg

We tell you where to travel to Russia, tips for getting to know the best of Moscow and St. Petersburg, recommendations for traveling to Moscow and St. Petersburg, things to see in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
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Rent a car in Russia

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Russia, at GuiaRus we give you the best information on how you could do it to avoid the greatest number of inconveniences. We tell you how to rent a car in Russia, recommendations for renting a car in Russia, things about renting a car in Russia.
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Samara Football Museum

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]In 2007, in the “difficult times” for the Samara club “Wings of the Soviets”, football fans came together to create the first football museum in the country, which became a meeting place for sports lovers and the education of the masses. It was opened jointly with the presentation of veterans and football fans, with...
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Aurora cruiser

The Aurora cruiser in St. Petersburg is the legendary warship moored on the Petrograd embankment of the northern capital. The ship is constantly in combat service sailors of the Navy. The Aurora cruiser in St. Petersburg is one of the symbols of the northern capital.
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Paskha: la Pascua Rusa

One of the most traditional elements is the painted egg, which symbolizes and love and the beginning of a new life. People usually decorate chicken and wooden eggs. Painting Easter eggs is the most popular Christian tradition in Russia, both among believers and among atheists.
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The incredible story of Tverskaya Street.

In front of the Kremlin and the Red Square is the great Tverskaya street. An important street that, since the 12th century, already connected Moscow with the city of Tver, and was the center of social life in the capital. At present, Tverskaya is a wide street full of huge Stalinist-style buildings, shops and banks....
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Los Válenki

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] Que calzado usar durante el invierno en Rusia: Los Válenki Que calzado usar durante el invierno en Rusia mientras excursiones o realizas actividades en esta temporada. Que son las botas rusas Válenki aquí te enseñamos. Comprar Calzado Válenki en Rusia es ideal para caminar sobre la nieve seca.   Que son las botas...
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Que son las Matrioskas rusas

The Matrioskas or Russian dolls

The Russian Matriokas, better known in the Spanish-speaking world as Russian Dolls. They are traditional Russian dolls whose grace is that they are hollow inside; allowing to place increasingly smaller matrioskas inside a larger one.
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Quien es Ded Moroz en Rusia

Ded Moroz in the Russian tradition

Ded Moroz a story of the Russian tradition of Santa Claus and other Russian Christmas traditions that you should know. Who is Ded Moroz in Russia, here we will tell you. About the Russian Santa Claus to learn more about Russian culture.
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Conocer las siete maravillas de Rusia

The seven wonders of Russia

Knowing the seven wonders of Russia is totally interesting, you will surely love it. There are so many places that we have made this article to highlight the best and thus visit the seven wonders of Russia. Hiking the seven Russian wonders is ideal for you.
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Que estatuas ver en Moscú

dog statues in Moscow

What other things to see in Moscow we tell you. What statues to see in Moscow apart from the most mentioned while hiking, here you will know. If you are an animal lover or just curious, you should know what are the statues of dogs in Moscow that you can visit.
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Concierto de Enrique Iglesias en Moscú

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] Conciertos realizados en Moscú: Enrique Iglesias Hay muchos conciertos realizados en Moscú, hoy, nos dedicaremos a comentar sobre Enrique Iglesias y su concierto en Moscú. El concierto de Enrique Iglesias en Moscú fue algo sensacional, aquí te lo explicamos. Sobre Enrique Iglesias y su concierto en Moscú Enrique Iglesias visitó a Moscú el...
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Que parques ver en Moscú

El parque del patriarca en Moscú

The person who first decided to find the patriarchal ponds in Moscow will be very perplexed. Upon arriving at the specified address, you will find a single pond, surrounded by a small and fairly clean park. A quiet place, almost in the center of the city, as created for walks and quiet conversations in the...
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Visitar el lago Baikal

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world

Lake Baikal owns 20% of the freshwater reserves in the world, this lake is an essential element for Russia's ecosystem. This becomes more evident considering the amount of animal and plant species that inhabit the area.
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La crisis del petróleo: una ventaja para el turismo en Rusia

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] La crisis del petróleo: una ventaja para el turismo en Rusia Visitas guiadas por Rusia durante su estancia o vacaciones aquí es posible con nosotros. Reservar una excursión en Moscú o hacer excursiones en San Petersburgo, son oportunidades de conocer lo mejor de Rusia en las ciudades más emblemáticas. Actualmente el país más...
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Si recién ha llegado a Rusia solicita tours en Moscu

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] Si recién ha llegado a Rusia solicita tours en Moscu Tours turísticos en Rusia, una nación que ahora se ha desarrollado para el turismo. Tours guiados en Español en Moscú o Tours guiados en español en San Petesburgo, Las ciudades mas grandes no solo en tamaño sino en historia y lugares, con nosotros...
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Peterhof Palace: water and gold fountains

Visiting the Peterhof Palace is ideal if you will spend some time in the city of St. Petersburg. The excursion in the Peterhof Palace or Tour in Peterhof is possible with GuiaRus, who will accompany you and guide you through each place while you know its history and admire its beauty.
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Visitar la ciudad de Mir

Mir diamond mine: an incredible landscape created by man

The largest open pit mine in the World, a huge hole located in the heart of Russia, which has always been framed by strong controversies. We tell you the story and some interesting facts about this mine in GuiaRus.
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Visitar la Iglesia de la Resurrección de Petersburgo

The Churches of St. Petersburg: between religion and architecture

The beautiful temples and churches in St. Petersburg are characterized not only by their history and their beautiful interiors, but also by their beautiful architecture. In this article we comment a little about the description of the most main churches of the Venice of North
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The four metro stations in Moscow that cannot be missed

The Moscow Metro stations are really beautiful and sophisticated, they receive the Grand Prix in international competitions with constant success and are included in the textbooks on construction and design as samples to follow.
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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] Lanza su primer vídeo promocional GuiaRus lanza en su canal de Youtube el primer vídeo promocional de la compañía. Una secuencia de imágenes en Time Lapse con imágenes fantásticas de toda Rusia; imágenes que recorrerán los puntos más importantes de Rusia y que mostrarán lugares como la Plaza Roja de Moscú, el Palacio Peterhof, el...
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Viajar en Crucero por el río de Moscú

Cruises on the Moscow river

Traveling on the Moscow River Cruise and getting to know the city from another point of view is a fascinating experience. Tour the Moscow river by Cruise on your city trip from the water. Moscow river cruise cruise has never been better.
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Nueva campaña solidaria de

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] Nueva campaña solidaria de GuiaRus pone en marcha una campaña solidaria para ayudar y poner su granito de arena; para hacer de este mundo un lugar mejor. Esta nueva iniciativa nos lleva a realizar proyectos o ayudar a asociaciones sin animo de lucro que realizan obras sociales por todo el mundo. Este...
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Festival de comida típica rusa

A citizen market of Russian food is created in Moscow

Gastronomic festivals in Moscow. In these festivals visitors can not only eat different typical Russian dishes but also listen to music, meet people, meet new restaurants and cafes. This festival has been organized by a non-profit association.
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El Gran Premio de Rusia 2014

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] El Gran Premio de Rusia 2014 Este año se celebra 100 años después del primer Gran Premio un campeonato de Fórmula Uno en Rusia, concretamente en la ciudad de Sochi. El gran Premio de Rusia vuelve para reinar en el campeonato mundial de Fórmula Uno. La ciudad que albergara los juegos olímpicos de...
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The Northern Lights in Russia

Hunters of the Northern Lights: there is something desperate and romantic in this. If you love to travel, do not fear difficulties and want to see the most fascinating natural phenomenon with your own eyes, this guide article will help you make your dream come true. Let's see where you can see the northern lights...
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Tsereteli and Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art

What to see about Tsereteli in Moscow, one of the great artists that left its mark on the world. What to see in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, here we show it. Taking a tour about contemporary art in Moscow is ideal for you.
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The dacha or country house in Russian culture

If you are planning your trip to Russia, you may be interested in this article about the life of Russians. And we tell you about the Russian dacha or country houses. They vary from simple wooden cabins with a small garden to large multi-storey houses with all the comforts, gardens with pavilions and swimming pools.
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Festivals in June in Moscow

Moscow is a very diverse city, so it is not uncommon to find different kinds of summer festivals in music, cuisine and art. Whatever the taste of the visitor and the local citizen, Moscow is always available to deliver the best of Russian traditions for tourists.
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Lugares para visitar en Moscú

The 3 essential places to visit in Moscow.

Places to visit in Moscow during your journey through the capital of Russia. Exciting Moscow is fascinating and cannot be missing in your itinerary. What to do on a holiday in Moscow, GuiaRus offers you many alternatives.
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Visitar los Centros comerciales en Moscú

The “AFIMOLL” Shopping Center and the “Titanic” Exhibition

Visiting the shopping centers in Moscow is ideal for people who love to see and appreciate the shops in large Malls. How to get to the Titanic Exhibition in Moscow, a unique opportunity that we will give you here. What to see in the AFIMOLL shopping center in Moscow, come and find out.
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Summer festivals in Moscow

Summer festivals in Moscow, to enjoy and take advantage of your pleasant visit. That summer festivals go in Moscow while touring the city, we tell you. Visit Moscow festivals in summer, an ideal opportunity to enjoy.
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5 most popular superstitions in Russia

Signs and superstitions are an integral part of our life, since we unconsciously follow many of them. Yes, even if you don't believe in them, your environment will still remind you that you need to "touch a tree" or something else that is appropriate for the occasion.
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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Priviet. Hola desde la capital rusa. GuiaRus abre sus puertas para todas las personas que deseen conocer esta maravillosa tierra, Rusia. Nos gustaría presentarle a nuestro equipo formado por profesionales, guías de diferentes nacionalidades, personas que como ustedes un día llegaron a Rusia por diferentes razones y que ahora se ha convertido en su segunda...
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The anniversary of the Victory of the Great Patriotic War

The Great Patriotic War, which is an integral part of World War II from 1939-1945, began at dawn on June 22, 1941, when Fascist Germany, in violation of the Soviet-German treaties of 1939, attacked the Soviet Union . Romania, Italy acted on their side, Slovakia joined them on June 23, Finland on June 25, Hungary...
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