Peterhof is an Imperial country residence in and around St. Petersburg, founded by Peter I in honor of the victory of the Russian State in the Northern War. The unique aspect of “Russian Versailles” formed over three centuries, from the first stone in 1712 to the present day, when after the German occupation, it literally had to recover from the ruins.

The picturesque complex of the Palace-park is called the Kingdom of the Fountains. More than 150 Fountains and waterfalls adorn the composition of the park. The palaces, pavilions, statues, alleys and flower gardens are full of grandeur and resemble a beautiful past era. Even trees have their own history: preserved oaks planted by the founding king.

The city of Peterhof is divided into two districts: the new Peterhof and the old Peterhof. All the main attractions are located within the new Peterhof-between Peterhof Street and the Ropshinsky Road.

How to get to Peterhof

Peterhof is located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, from the capital of the North just 40 km away. You can reach the city by land-by bus, minibus, train or taxi, and by the water-in the passenger meteor. In any case, the trip will not take much time, and the teploozhet boat trip will be more fun, since on the way the views open to the Hermitage, Vasilievsky Island, the petropavlovskaya fortress.

For more information on how to get to Peterhof, see this page.


You can get around Peterhof on buses and bus taxis. The developed transport network connects the city with St. Petersburg and the museum-reserves in Strelna and Oranienbaum. In a warm moment, one of the best ways to travel through Peterhof is the bicycle. The Bicycle rental service for adults is available for RUB 200 to 250 per hour, RUB 100 to 150 for children. In winter, this same rental point offers cross-country skiing, Finnish sledges and “vatrushki” for horse riding with a roller coaster – all for a price of 250 RUB per hour. Athletes at the local ski school organize skiing in almost all local parks. The ideal place for skiing is the low tsarskaya road, which runs along the Finnish bay to the quietest. The establishment offers Sports Equipment Rental Service in the Alexandria Park throughout the year. The page prices are for October 2018

Hotels in Peterhof

Peterhof hotels are a combination of modern civilization and architecture from the 17-19 centuries. Many hotels are built in the spirit of noble estates or are located in old buildings. Accommodation in Peterhof – not cheap. After all, you are going to spend the night in the Museum – and that is why you will be asked a lot. Given that foreign tourists arrive in Peterhof, the city tries to show itself in the best light. The hotels here for all tastes – from ordinary three stars to luxury class.

Often, local hotels are complete complexes with a Restaurant, a Spa, a conference room, a luxury Garden and other charms of life. The rate varies according to the season: RUB 2000-3000 to RUB 20,000-30,000 per night. You can easily find the numbers and more expensive – it would be a gold credit card.

What Bring

Unforgettable experiences and photos in the background of local beauties – this is what you should take with every Peterhof tourist. Although family and friends can enjoy more traditional memories, from magnets and calendars to statues in the form of local architectural symbols. Numerous shops offer miniature copies of the Peterhof monuments, “Faberge eggs”, canvas bags and umbrellas with recognizable Peterhof print, Captain Captain Caps with the inscription “Peterhof”, puzzle with reserve types and fans. On the counters you can find more original memories. For example, copies of old cards from the Card Museum.

-The connoisseurs advise not to hurry with the purchase of souvenirs immediately when entering the park: the souvenirs in the territory of the complex is enough- it will be the opportunity to choose and appreciate. The prices are different. Magnets can be purchased for 100 RUB, but caps for 500 RUB.

Peterhof Cafeterias and restaurants

On the other side of the entrance to the Verkhniy Park, in the “Samson” hotel, is the Restaurant of the same name, which has its history since 1839 – about its cuisine at that time was praised by Alexander Dumas himself. The establishment offers to the connoisseurs of Russian dishes the menu of zarskoe for the same prices-marinated loads – a breast of a spleen, a riapushka, pancakes with caviar. While it is delicious to eat here everyone can – from 12:00 to 16:00 the Restauradores are waiting for the guests for a democratic business lunch at a price of 260 RUB per person.

The Standart Restaurant, which is located near the Meteor mooring site, serves Lunches overlooking the Gulf of Finland. It offers a tourist menu of traditional Russian cuisine at a price of 1000 RUB per person.

The draft beer and the Democratic portion can be found in the Duck & Drake gastropabe in the Colonial park. The American pizzeria offers its guests different types of pizza in the traditional and exuberant test – for the “Margarita” Standard size you will have to pay 375 RUB. The café “Brynza & Shashlyk”, located a couple of blocks from the Grand Palace, is famous for the right prices and tasty cheburek. Transfer the spirit and drink free tea with cookies in the tainkafe “rush hour” for 130 RUB per hour.

Peterhof Entertainment and places of interest

Tourists come mainly to Peterhof to see the palace and park complex of the same name with famous fountains. It is full of so many beauties and treasures that there will not be enough a whole day to meet him. You can explore the places of interest as part of a group under the guidance of a guide, or you can do it yourself: the tips and detailed schemes that are sold at the souvenir stands near the Grand Palace will help you navigate in the park. In Peterhof, the imperial cycling tradition is being revived and several bicycle tours are made, including Romanov family bike trips.

-To see Peterhof from above, it is not necessary to rent a helicopter. From the observation platform of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, an impressive view of the surroundings opens. This Orthodox church is located near the Peterhof Palace.

On weekdays, there is a free opportunity to reach the Rocket watch factory. Watchmakers are always welcome guests and make excursions even for one person. To avoid wasting timeout, you can pre-register by phone. During the tour you can take pictures.

Palace and park sets

The monument of world importance, the Peterhof Palace and the Park Complex, consists of the Upper Garden, the palace and the Lower Park. The heart of the attraction is the Grand Cascade in the Lower Park. This is a great structure, the central place where Samson’s figure is, ripping a lion’s mouth. Without visiting the Lower Park with its numerous fountains, Peterhof’s impression would be incomplete.

Alexandria is the residence of the last Russian emperors, surrounded by a two-level coastal park. The complex has a peculiar style: elements of Gothic architecture were used in the design of pavilions, sculptures and gazebos. Must visit: Cottage Palace, Farm Palace and the Gothic chapel.

Peterhof Parks

Peterhof is not only a city of fountains, but also a city of parks, which is a pleasure to walk around. Many of them do not differ in the perfect landscape design, but rather resemble forests with alleys located in them: these are the so-called landscape parks. In addition to the famous Upper Garden and Lower Park, which are part of the Peterhof Complex, the Alexandria Park located next door is a must. Another landscape park in Alexandria was founded as a royal hunting ground. In memory of this, he got the middle name: “House of beasts.” The settler landscape park emerged during the reign of Nicholas I. Most of it is occupied by Holguin Pond, named after the king’s daughter. Meadow Park is considered one of the most valuable park sets of the mid-19th century: trees and shrubs grow in picturesque groups and resemble green wings. The English park in the western part of the city follows the model of English farms. The Oldenburgsky park extends along the sea in part of the old Peterhof.

5 Things worth doing in Peterhof

Try your luck running through cookie sources.
Try the pompous outfit of Catherine II.
Get lost in the labyrinth of the fountain.
Check the time on the palace sundial.
Take a selfie with the Peterhof squirrel.
Architectural buildings

Famous and little-known architects, from Rastrelli to the servant Voronikhin, left their mark in the guise of Peterhof. Peter I was doing a project for the Hermitage pavilion. The ceremonial palace for dances and receptions, the Catherine Building, was built by architect Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli, whose contribution to architecture is so great that a whole stylistic direction bears his name. The Monplaisir Palace was erected as a monument to the victory won by Russia in the fight for access to the sea. The architectural monument, the Marly Palace, is by no means inferior to the residence of Louis XIV in Marly le Roi, which inspired the Russian tsar architect to create it. Voronikhinsky marble colonnades were named in honor of their creator, the servant A. Voronikhin, who received the title of architect for his successful project.

The sources

Knowledge of the Peterhof fountains begins with the Upper Garden. At the main entrance, visitors are welcomed by the Mezhumny fountain, a round pool with dolphins and a sea monster. Among the sources of the Lower Park, the most famous is Samson, located in the center of the Grand Cascade. 3 cascading stairs, 64 fountains, 255 sculptures and bas-reliefs on ancient themes: this is the world’s largest fountain building and a Peterhof business card.

The twin sources “Adam” and “Eve” are a true example of the sculpture “Peter”. These are the oldest and only sources that have remained unchanged to this day. To see the typical Roman fountains it is not necessary to go to Italy. In Peterhof there are two exact copies of the fountains installed in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Peterhof cookies are a favorite pastime for visitors to Lower Park. The sources “Firs”, “Robles”, “Chinese umbrellas”, “Sofas” work according to a principle: at the most unexpected moment, the jets of water and splashes reach unfortunate passers-by. “Waterway”: a source from which it is impossible to leave dry, out of compassion for tourists, they are only included three times a day and for only one minute.

An unforgettable attraction is the favorite fountain: four ducks spin in the pool and the favorite dog tries to reach them. The croaking sound accompanied by a barking of dogs attracts visitors from all over the park.

Source Schedule

The fountains operate only in the summer, from the end of April until the middle of October. The sources of the Grand Cascade are solemnly launched every day at 11:00 with the music of Glier “Anthem to the Great City” and turn off at 6:00 pm. The spring festival of the grand opening of the fountains is usually held in mid-May.

The season is also solemnly closed, with the Autumn Festival of the Fountains in mid-September. In mid-October, they turn off during the winter and turn on only at the end of April.


In Peterhof there are museums for all tastes. Imperial jewels and relics are displayed in the Special Pantry Museum. In the caves of the Grand Cascade, you can walk through the tunnels and see how the water supply system works. There is a fountain business museum, dedicated to the work of engineers, creators of a great font system. You can discover how the sovereigns washed themselves and how they were treated in the Museum of the House of Baths, where visitors know the daily life of the imperial court. The Imperial Yachts Museum is located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. It tells the story of Peterhof as the maritime summer residence of Russian emperors. There are photographs, models and decoration of “floating” palaces: imperial and princely yachts. The “Sovereign Fun” Museum will be interesting for both adults and children: with the help of modern multimedia technologies, the world of the Petrina era is recreated there. Website

Weather in Peterhof

The weather in Peterhof, as well as in St. Petersburg, is not too mild and cozy. High humidity, gusty wind and cloud cover are common weather events in these places. Due to the proximity of the Gulf of Finland, the weather is very variable and can change several times a day. The presence of an umbrella is an indispensable condition for a successful excursion. In the warm season, in any weather, it will not be superfluous to take care of replaceable clothes for children. It is unlikely that young tourists can resist the temptation to experience the effects of cookie sources.

White nights – Peterhof decoration. Officially, they continue from June 11 to July 2, and in fact, from mid-May to almost mid-July, you can enjoy this natural phenomenon, when the evening twilight gradually changes to the morning.

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