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Traveling on the Moscow River Cruise and getting to know the city from another point of view is a fascinating experience. Tour the Moscow river by Cruise on your city trip from the water. Moscow river cruise cruise has never been better.

A visit to the parks of Moscow is not just about enjoying the fresh air, nature, tourism, sports and various games.

It is also an opportunity to travel and relax in the water! At the same time, everyone has the opportunity to choose the type of recreation that suits their taste: a quiet boat trip, catamaran, scooter, water skiing, an inflatable banana or cheesecake. To do this, in the territory of many parks in Moscow there are boat rental stations that offer a wide selection of water activities.

Sailing is the most economical and safe of all, an excellent way to have a good time on a hot day. For some, this is a good way to explore places of historical and natural interest, for others it is a romantic walk with a lover, for others it is a way of hiding from a boring hustle, moving slowly along the surface of the water, Only with your thoughts. And there are families who are ready to spend half a day in a boat with full force, including pets. Who knows, maybe in the summer, while on vacation and on vacation, they are finally in no hurry, and for some reason they have the opportunity to stay together, and I don’t want to spend a weekend in a covered apartment that has bothered me during one year. Here they choose such an original way of communicating with each other and with nature. In this case, it is possible to choose between an oar and a motorboat.

In the territory of some parks there are reserved places with which it will be more convenient (and faster) to know it from the water. Guests are delivered there by speedboat or go there, independently managing this facility.

A ferry crossing that is a thing of the past may not be of much interest to adults, but how much joy it will bring to children, becoming a real adventure! And the Moscow river rides on the river bus, which are available annually from April to September, will be interesting for representatives of any generation. Muscovites have the opportunity to recover their knowledge of their hometown and admire once again their beauties and guests of the city, to see the capital of Russia in all its splendor from the water. At your service there are many routes, which include sightseeing and hiking. And the hours and a half of walking will be an ideal option for lovers. Agree that it can be better than a romantic evening surrounded by a water mirror that reflects the lights of a beautiful city.

Riding a catamaran amid other water activities is notable for its simplicity, since it does not require any special driving skills and has no restrictions. Flyers, pedal and enjoy the gentle breeze and the magnificence of the forests and the architecture of the stately parks located off the coast of the bodies of water. A catamaran can accommodate 2-4 people, which means that on a small excursion along the river (lake, ponds) you can go with the whole family. Among lovers of open water spaces in Moscow, a catamaran is the most popular tool. At the same time, it is possible to ride a catamaran under sail. But driving is equated with extreme sports and requires special training (20 minutes of theory and 1 hour of practice).

Water skiing is very popular among young people and outdoor enthusiasts. Recently, water bicycles can be seen in all types of ponds. Depending on your wishes and experience, you can travel with a driver or yourself. Do you have enough extreme sports? Therefore, choose water skiing (single or double), but remember that this entertainment requires even more attention, strong arms and legs, as well as the ability to control your body well.

Nor will it be less interesting to ride an inflatable banana, especially because there is the opportunity to choose one of the modes for you: quiet (suitable for traveling with children), extreme (with sharp turns and overturns), as well as individual (both time and difficulty of the route will depend only on the client’s desire). On the same conditions, you can make a cheesecake.

Ships and boats

The opportunity to ride a boat, a catamaran is found in almost all parks with ponds (see the list of parks). You can go boating in parks where there are large ponds, for example, in Kolomenskoye park.

Moscow River Cruise Tour

Any tourist worth his salt will not disgust you on a walk along the relaxing Moscow river; peacefully accommodated in the seats of a ship from which to glimpse the most famous sights of the Russian capital that are located on the banks of this majestic Moskva River. It should be noted, however; that because Russia is essentially a cold country by nature, cruises on the Moscow river are highly recommended in warm months between May and September; not only because they are more pleasant; but also because there are days when low temperatures can make a dent in those tourists who bear little cold due to the humidity in this area because of the river.

Now, if you plan to travel to Moscow in these warm summer months; all they have to do to enjoy a relaxing tourist cruise in the Russian capital is to go to the pier of Plaza de Europa; in which the boats that will give us the tour are located. As for the tickets, they are bought at the same ticket office of each ship; so they will not have problems to acquire them.

Travel on Moscow River Cruise

Now, the route of each ship is different; So do not choose one at random. Investigate well the course of each one of them and decide on the one that takes you to the tourist places that you plan to visit. However; if they are one of those who prefer to embark on adventure simply; Enter one of the ships and let the captain take you to the most emblematic places in Moscow.

The tours of the Ships in Moscow take place from April to October. Outside those months, trade routes are suspended due to low temperatures and the possibility of ice in the river; although the Radisson chain makes available a fleet of boats to continue sailing in the winter months.

If you want to do this tour with a Spanish speaking guide; Feel free to visit our guided tour services in Spanish in Moscow. We recommend the city tour by private vehicle and boat tour on the Moscova river

Traveling on the Moscow River Cruise is a different option to get to know the city. Touring the Moscow River on Cruise with our guides in Spanish is much more than a tour. Moscow River Cruise Tour

GuiaRus, much more than a tour

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