Where to eat cheap in Moscow

If you are traveling and want to save a little, among so many questions you will think about where to eat cheaply in Moscow. Cheap restaurants in Moscow are a great opportunity to delight the palate. Where to eat cheaply in Moscow is to knock on the door of various places that offer all kinds of food. Here we show you which are the best options.

In the era of the ruble crisis, go to high price tag restaurants; which, are quite expensive and on many occasions that is not always justified; especially since there is an alternative in the capital in recent years where many schools of good food have been opened with a pleasant atmosphere; Excellent service and most importantly, the right value for the dishes. Especially for those who have neither the strength nor the desire to pay only for space, but also for quality to save money; Here we offer you a guide of contemporary and popular urban places with delicious food at reasonable prices.

The cheap restaurants in Moscow and with excellent menu, we can see some of them below:

Georgian Wai Mae! (coffee, fast food)

The original format of the democratic restaurants of Georgia that the residents of the capital likes; he was surprised to discover that Georgian cuisine is not just a wine horn; It is also a modern branch and the development of world cuisine. The popularity of the place was added by the original service approach, personal pagers inform visitors of the order’s disposition.

In “Wai Mae!” Tourists are offered the right Georgian food at quite affordable prices. Here it is worth trying the business card of Georgian cuisine, Khinkali (4 pieces – 160 rubles); the most famous Georgian cake with cheese and yolk, khachapuri in Ajarski (200 rubles); poultry milk with chocolate sauce, different from the usual one prepared without dough (60 rubles); Khachapuri-burger (160 rubles), the first hybrid dish, which Khatuna Kolbaya specially devised for “Wai Mae!”; all favorite Soviet classics like nuts with boiled condensed milk (7 pieces – 100 rubles); and the perfect realization of any dense “Manzoni” dinner with jam or honey (100 rubles) and a useful sour milk product with grape compote (300 ml – 80 rubles).

Address: Pyatnitsky pereulok. 8 and 1.

Black Code restaurant in Moscow

Black Code Gastrobistro in Novokuznetsk is positioning itself as a “secret place for us” and the best hamburgers in Moscow (350 rub.) Are famous, which are cooked in a charcoal oven and served with a complement of cabbage salad. Fifty square meters with an open kitchen, local expats, nearby university students, renowned food critics and couples; they approach in the panoramic windows in search of romance by candlelight peacefully side by side.

Despite its low cost (700 rubles), the entire kitchen here is genuine. Among the obvious snacks favorites are, green pea hummus (290 rub.), Zucchini and smoked yogurt, homemade nachos and guacamole (320 rub.), Caesar salad with smoked house breast (350 rub.) (390 rub.) .

Baked dishes such as cheeseburger with truffle oil, a hamburger with mozzarella cheese and guacamole and a hamburger with lamb meat (390 rubles.), The barbecue barbecue with stewed pork (370 rubles.), A Steak (from 350 to 390 RUB) .and grilled vegetables (420 rubles).

The dessert on the menu is just a lazy strudel of 260 rubles. But he has already won popular love and has become a legend. What is especially good is that in the institution, guests receive free water decantations.

Address: Sadovnicheskaya, 42m Building 1.

One Teaspoon Cafe

A lovely cafe on Yauzsky Boulevard, as if it had been created for relaxing lunches and cozy meetings with friends. Although at the forefront of One Teaspoon are desserts and cakes, you can eat and more thoroughly, delicious and, most importantly, inexpensive. It is concise, but the menu is not boring, it offers cabbage with blue cheese sauce (290 rubles), pumpkin soup with coconut milk and spicy seeds (290 rubles), rizottso with baked teriyaki chicken hearts (420 rubles) , filled with smoked mackerel (390 rubles) and many more interesting things. In addition, we recommend that you pay close attention to local teas and milkshakes. On Mondays, a substantial discount on beer and cider can come with your wine (cork picking starts only with the second bottle).

Address: Yauzsky Boulevard, 14/18.

Laffa Restaurant Laffa

In Malaya Bronnaya there is an interesting restaurant, Laffa Laffa, which specializes in Middle Eastern dishes. It is here that they prepare, without exaggeration, the best shawarma in Moscow. Soft and thin oriental cake “Laff” (in a shawarma wrapped in Israel), which you can finally try in the capital. Laffa Laffa is gourmet street food. The most important thing here is the shawarma, it is absolutely identical to that cooked on the coals by Syrian chefs in Tel Aviv or Beirut. Stuffed for all tastes with young lamb (410 rubles), chicken / kosher (410 rubles) and vegetarian version (380 rubles) accompanied with falafel / fried eggplant / potatoes.

Address: Bronnaya M., 4th.

Coffee Hay khinkali and drink wine

It is a cozy coffee in the Patriarch, as its name says, khinkali makes an excellently prepared of boiled to 50 rubles and fried to 60 rubles, for example the traditional, Kakhetian and Kalakuri, Mtiuluri and kvari. Presented in the menu of 8 species of khinkali (including children) of fine mass; With different fillings (beef, potato and mushrooms) hundreds are molded a day.

Here you can also enjoy pkhali (350 rubles), Adzhapsandalom (370 rubles), Mchadi (150 rubles) with suluguni milk (300 rubles.) And various household pickles (RUB 370). It is important to say, that on weekends, coffee opens at 10:00 to feed the guests with a healing hash (450 rubles). After Friday night’s adventures, it is a recognized anti-alcoholic meal and also very tasty.

Address: Malaya Bronnaya M., 4.

Lepim and Varim

“Lepim and varim” in Stoleshnikov Lane is positioned as a true “pelmeni boutique”. The meatballs, cooked according to their own recipes, are baked and cooked in the open kitchen just in front of the guests.

During the work of the institution, some favorites have become known on the menu, these have become the specialties of the institution, for example the juicy meatballs with pork and veal “Mamin Siberiak” (10 pieces – 220 rubles, 15 pieces – 290 rubles); pelmeni with oriental accent “Of course, Ousya” (10 pieces – 250 rubles, 15 pieces – 330 rubles); beautiful outside and delicious inside are the green meatballs “Fish of my dreams” with minced fish, 80% consisting of salmon fillet and 20% pike perch fillet (10 pieces – 320 rubles, 15 pieces – 430 rubles); Deliciously simple and the delicious dish “Caucasian captive”, the freshest suluguni cheese of the best dough (8 pieces – 250 rubles, 12 pieces. – 330 rubles).

The main culinary counter of the establishment “Famous Shrimp” black as pitch, the dough with the addition of ink cuttlefish contains a stuffed with real chopped shrimp and chicken fillet. On top of the meatballs, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.

There is also a day, where fresh and healthy salads are prepared, pickled from the vegetables themselves, among which they have already become legendary soup, food, and the duck soup that owns the chef’s recipes (all soups – 170 rubles ) and wonderful desserts.

Apart from a few cultivars, there is excellent Russian beer (150 rubles.), Kvass (RUB 100.) and lemonades (100 rubles). It offers an excellent and refreshing cranberry juice, sea buckthorn (110 rubles.) And fruit compote (90 rubles).

Address: Stoleshnikov Pereulok, 9 and 1.

Durum-Durum coffee

Today in Moscow there are three places Durum-Durum, the restaurant in Bauman, in a corner of the city of Moscow (in the territory of being global by Sodexo in “Naberezhnaya Tower”); and on a trailer at the Belaya Dacha Outlet Village on.

The main course here is durum. It all started with dyuruma with a chicken, the boys wanted to make a delicious shawarma of quality products, one for which I would like to reach the other end of the city and return again and again.

Dyuryum with chicken (300 rubles), is a homemade cake, which is baked directly in front of the guests, the chicken on a vertical grill, fried until golden brown, 2 sauces, a white one based on cheese and sour cream, and red is the Italian tomato pelata, there is also fresh vegetable salad. Even in the dyury you can add dried tomatoes and pickled pickles.

Dyuryum with duck (450 rubles.), These contain freshly baked buns, duck breast with baked apple puree hoisin sauce, white sauce with cheese and sour cream, fresh vegetable salad.

There is also a vegetarian dyuryum with falafel (250 rubles). With all the same freshly baked buns, crispy falafel, homemade hummus, tomato sauce Italian tomatoes Pelata, white sauce based on cheese and sour cream and fresh vegetable salad.

But now they also came up with a taco-durum with a lamb (250 rubles) and corn (200 rubles).

Drinks offer craft beer (from 180 to 250 rubles) and sea buckthorn tea.

Address: Malaya Dmitrovka, 4.

Saperavi coffee

Saperavi Café is one of the few networks in establishments that do not pursue folklore and pseudo-national in the interior, without the style in the design of the institutions being absurd, and the authenticity of the dishes presented in the Follow the ancient culinary traditions without fear of experimenting.

As a guest of the Saperavi CafĂ©, you should definitely order your favorite Tiflis penovani cake (290 rub.) Is a puff pastry with cheese suluguni, grilled chicken fillet with onion and fresh herbs, a kiwi and chicken salad with (350 rubles), green adzhika (290 rubles), polugal grains with suluguni, tomatoes and spices in ketsi (350 rubles). Don’t forget to eat khachapuri on a grill (290 rub)! the preparation of this cake is a very complicated process, it contains pieces of suluguni that are skewered on skewers; They wrap around this suluguni and fry on the coals. When served with skewers these are removed. The fragrance and the taste in words are not transmitted!

Address: Tverskaya-Ya, skaya, 27.

Pyan-Se (coffee, fast food)

Not long ago in the streets of the capital there were Korean street food points; “Pyan-se”, which immediately gained immense popularity among residents and guests of Moscow. At the heart of the menu are traditional Korean steamed buns with abundant filling (of 150 rubles); with beef and kimchi, with carrots, chinese cabbage, asparagus, zucchini and salmon, vegetarian. In addition, you can eat Korean soup in fish broth with seaweed, anchovies, onions and daikon. Drinks offer coffee, ginger tea, smoothies and lemonade.

Address: Prospect Mir, 119.

Where to eat cheap in Moscow has never been so easy and interesting!