Concerts performed in Moscow: Enrique Iglesias

There are many concerts performed in Moscow, today, we will dedicate ourselves to comment on Enrique Iglesias and his concert in Moscow. Enrique Iglesias’ concert in Moscow was something sensational, here we explain it to you.


About Enrique Iglesias and his concert in Moscow

Enrique Iglesias visited Moscow on December 13, 2014 on his artistic tour presenting his new album “Sex and Love”. He arrived in Moscow with his wife Anna Kurnikova; that during the concert she was near a sound technician console, watching the performance of her husband Enrique Iglesias; denying rumors that they intended to separate, they arrived in Moscow together.

Iglesias’s private plane landed in Moscow at Sheremetevo airport a day before the concert in the evening. He spent 2 hours in the Moscow traffic jams from the airport to the center and arrived at the “Four Seasons” hotel; where his beloved Anna Kurnikova was waiting for him.


To go unnoticed they went to dinner at the restaurant “Novikov Restaurant & Bar”, which is opposite their hotel, in the car with bodyguards. In the Novikov restaurant they spent 4 hours trying the chef’s best dishes, from salads to desserts.

Enrique Iglesias concert in Moscow

The concert in Moscow was at the Crocus City Hall near the Miakinino metro.
As is normally the case with concerts by famous artists, the show started later than it had to.
The most loyal fans stood in line for 8 hours to position themselves in the best spots near the stage and their favorite singer. Enrique Iglesias appeared on stage unexpectedly with a smoke and immediately began to sing about love. The singer moves to his 38 years on stage as a 20-year-old boy and fans love it.

At the concert he sang many songs known as “Escape”, “Hero”, “Be with you”.

The acoustic part of the concert was done by a group in the center of the stage, creating the atmosphere of an authentic tavern on the Costa del Sol.


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