Best wine bars in Moscow

What wine bars to visit in Moscow during your stay. The wine bars to visit in Moscow are very varied. If you are on vacation and want to have a nice time, the wine bars to visit in Moscow are an excellent option. Here we show you which ones.

The trend of recent years is the wine cellar. All the major players in the market are trying to open democratic bars and premium wine restaurants. With a lot of discoveries, there are still not enough good bars in Moscow. For those who want to explore the wine map of the capital, this is our selection.

What wine bars to visit in Moscow:

Wine Bazaar bar network

It opened four years ago, and immediately fell in love with the guests. Everyone likes the idea of ​​tasting or drinking wine, which is accompanied by cheeses, tapas and signature dishes. Going to the wine bar is like a nice trifle, and not as an event. There are now four branches of bars, all united by a trembling attitude towards wine and attention to guest preferences, depending on which sommelier boss forms the assortment. In the rest, the bars are completely different. Everyone has their own concept and design. Today you can get close to the chicken pasta steaks of the “contraceptive” section in Nikitsky, and then at the tapas bar on Sadovaya Street, or behind the street food in Komsomolsky. In all you will find a bar “to your liking”!

Wine and crab

Now in Moscow there are already two restaurants with the same name. It has a large wine collection, which is administered in an elegant wine cellar, would not fit in the printed version of the menu, which was decided to pour into the ipad, where it can disappear for half an hour, since it is about choosing a wine by region, with a great variety of grapes, flavors, prices and more sets of parameters. The Berezutsky brothers respond for the kitchen. His wine-Baba with Kamchatka crab, tomatoes and seaweed became the gastronomic discovery of last year, definitely worth a try, as well as other dishes from the menu’s author.

Cevicheria & Vineria y Tartaria

In fact, these are three institutions that are under one roof. Cevicheria, specializes in seafood and the most popular dish of Peruvian cuisine is its sevicia. Tartaria is a restaurant that has a penchant for meat and all kinds of tartar, which links them to the Vineria wine shop. There is a small selection of very high quality wines. If you do not have enough, you can go to the store safely and choose from 700 wines from around the world.

Big Wine Freaks

An elegant wine bar with the real authentic wine cellar company. The first bar is located in St. Petersburg and has enjoyed unchanged popularity for a couple of years and is famous for its fancy parties. In the list of biodynamic wines, this is a characteristic of the bar and its characteristic is distinctive. The menu is small, but perfectly suitable for wine. This, by the way, is worth looking inside. In emerald colors, with the right light, the bar is perfect for a special occasion.

The wine bars to visit in Moscow are suitable for those who love the taste of wine. The wine bars to visit in Moscow are very relaxing places that you can enjoy in company.

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