Where to eat in St. Petersburg: Gastronomic tourism in St. Petersburg

Where to eat in St. Petersburg and delight your palate with the famous Russian cuisines. The restaurants to visit in St. Petersburg are very varied and the finest menu, so go to know them. Gastronomic tourism in St. Petersburg is ideal for you.

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In recent years, gastronomy has been widely used as an excuse to know places. The idea is to understand something new about the culture and idiosyncrasies of the population through local flavors.

Tourism based on gastronomic and culinary offer has gained special relevance in recent years. Worldwide, more and more cities are offered as a destination for those who want to savor the representative dishes of each place. And Russia is part of this movement.

Thus, the realization of festivals in which a certain dish is celebrated is encouraged; like the Eperlano Festival or Koriushka that takes place in St. Petersburg. The smelt is a small fish, the favorite of the inhabitants of the city; and it has become one of its gastronomic symbols. The festival takes place every year during the month of May and brings together locals and tourists.

The installation of restaurants whose menus rescue the characteristic flavors of the area is also encouraged, although there are also places with a lot of history and tradition. There are numerous places that offer the possibility to taste different preparations of caviar, Kamchatka crab, among others. There are also modern restaurants that offer new interpretations of traditional recipes, bringing a bit of freshness to the gastronomic offer.

Another original way to encourage gastronomic tourism is to offer tours in St. Petersburg that include cooking classes for tourists to learn the particular way of cooking of the visited city. These are few hours classes that will allow you to approach Russian culture in a different way; and they will allow you to take a great memory to share again and again with your loved ones when you return to your city.

Taking a gastronomic tour of St. Petersburg during your trip to Russia will certainly be an unforgettable experience; It will allow you to experience the city with all your senses.

Restaurants to visit in St. Petersburg and much more, only in GuiaRus !!!

Restaurants to visit in St. Petersburg

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Go to the same places and want to diversify your lunches and dinners? Where to eat in St. Petersburg ?. KudaGo offers gourmet to make an appointment in a new place or go to dinner at an interesting institution with excellent cuisine. We have gathered beautiful cafes, bars with atmosphere and cozy restaurants to visit in St. Petersburg. If one day you don’t want to cook at home and the usual places start to sadden you. Use this selection!

Nakhodka restaurant

It is a place to eat in St. Petersburg, in the atmosphere of a real harbor bar. Delicious fish and seafood dishes are prepared. In the restaurants to visit in St. Petersburg you can dine with fresh fish at affordable prices. Here there are quality products, interesting and sophisticated dishes, friendly staff and a family atmosphere.

Seafood connoisseurs have many options: various shrimp, Kamchatka crab, scallops and many other marine species are on the menu. Everyone will find something interesting for them, and the harmonious combinations of products. The design of the dishes will make the dining experience unforgettable.

A democratic and atmospheric bistro in the Five Corners Square area. The boys are fine with humor: almost at the entrance they greet you with a satirical image of the Statue of Liberty with a shaver instead of a torch. This is one of the best places for gastronomic tourism in St. Petersburg.

If you want to try street food from different countries and you don’t know where to eat in St. Petersburg, you should definitely go to Five. Here they cook shawarma with various fillings (pork, chicken, veal or turkey). In pita bread or on a plate, gyros with french fries, vegetables and special sauces, barbecue, kebab and souvlaki, Greek skewers on skewers.


It is an Indian street food with an open kitchen, exciting flavors, a modern and minimalist design. Where you can do gastronomic tourism in St. Petersburg. There are no fangs of an elephant or a Maharajah diamond, but there is a spiritual atmosphere, a bright interior and dishes of chef Jimmy Singh.

Indian cuisine can be an example of a healthy and healthy diet. On the menu you will find many vegetable dishes, unusual sauces and traditional Indian drinks: masala tea, lassi, ginger punch. It is one of the best restaurants to visit in St. Petersburg.

The hospitable owners of the Bar-Museum “Piana Spruce”

They invite you to touch the history of our ancestors and learn more about Slavic life and traditions. At the institution, visitors enjoy dishes prepared according to Slavic recipes, entertained with bicycles and controlled with complicated puzzles. It seems that you are in a Russian cabin with a rich and generous owner. One that keeps the house in order and serves the guests dishes and tinctures prepared by an enthusiastic host.

Learn more about Armenian cuisine

Turismo gastron贸mico en San Petersburgo

Armenian cuisine art Menua is one of the restaurants to visit in St. Petersburg saturated with the hospitable spirit of Armenia. The main idea of 鈥嬧媡he institution is a mixture of old and new traditions, centenarians and current trends.

The owners are especially proud of the menu, which consists entirely of Armenian dishes to eat in St. Petersburg. The menu contains dishes according to ancient recipes, classic delicacies for the Armenian party and modern interpretations of Armenian cuisine. Grilled meat and fish are cooked here for gastronomic tourism in St. Petersburg. Try the lamb rib and pork neck kebabs, the deer, lamb and chicken kebabs.


Try a new type of Tradicini pizza

The concept of Tradizzini (“Tradicini”) is based on the author’s monoproduct. It demonstrates an original approach to all family pizzas for gastronomic tourism in St. Petersburg. The main feature of the tradition is in the test. Delicate crispy bun on the outside with a fragrant and juicy filling inside. The daily cover menu contains more than 10 items: classic pizza toppings and original options for all tastes. With chicken, beef, pork, squid, vegetables. There are also sweet toppings with ice cream

Turismo gastron贸mico en San Petersburgo

Bestie (“Best”)

One of the elegant restaurants to visit in St. Petersburg in the loft neighborhood on Vasilyevsky Island, where to eat in St. Petersburg. In the morning, visitors look for a cup of coffee here, in the afternoon they come to dinner with their colleagues and at night they meet with their whole family for dinner. Bestie chefs have focused on homemade food (“comfortable food”), familiar and simple dishes. Also in the restaurant you can now enjoy pizza: a complete section has been added. Seven types of pizza in thin and crispy dough for all tastes.

Gastronomic tourism in St. Petersburg is very important for our country Russia. With us you can know which restaurants to visit in St. Petersburg.