Go on vacation with a baby to Russia

Vacation in Russia with a baby or travel to Russia with a baby and you do not know how to do here we give you some recommendations. Visit with a baby in Russia in the safest and most reliable way.

Maternity leave is not an excuse to deprive yourself of the joy of traveling. Many parents begin to take their children on a trip, as soon as they have three months. We explain how to prepare to go to Russia on vacation with a baby.

Who to consider as a baby in Russia

If you are going to vacation in Russia with a baby you should take into account that there is a universal rule; A child who is not two years old is considered a baby. In hotels and airlines for younger tourists there is a separate “infanta” tariff. It means that on the plane of the child it is possible to drive for free or with a significant discount without giving it a separate place. Similar rules apply in hotels.

In Russia it is essential that babies use the special chair. 


If you are traveling to Russia with a baby, you should keep in mind that even the smallest, to travel abroad or Russia need a passport. Documents for children are the same as for adults: a regular passport for five years or a biometric passport for ten. The choice depends on the father. However, there is a nuance: a child at three months will not look anything like him after a year, and even more, in five or ten years. This must be taken into account when planning a trip. Of course, nobody will force you to go on vacation with a baby to change a baby’s passport ahead of time, but sometimes it is better to do so.

If you see that your child has grown and is significantly different from the photo in the passport, it is better to change it anyway, to avoid any inconvenience.

By the way, if you have an old passport, valid for 5 years. You can enter your child there without having a separate document. In this there is a significant disadvantage: none of the relatives, except for the parents, in this case, a child on vacation abroad, cannot go. The second point: in some countries, they require that the child must have a separate passport. If the child is simply enrolled in his document, he may not be allowed to enter the country.

In biometric passports, children cannot be admitted.

 Documents for babies and parents on their trip to Russia

If you are traveling to Russia with a baby you must include a birth certificate or your notarized copy. In addition, in some countries a copy translated into a foreign language may be necessary. Although this is not the case for traveling with your baby to Russia.

If a minor child or if the child is under 14 years old and crosses the Russian border for example, with a separate passport, it is recommended to bring a certified copy with a birth certificate, this in order to confirm the relationship .

If you travel with young children, the guards will always be very cautious, they study the documents of tourists traveling as a family; and, in the absence of justifying related communications, they can start asking more questions, among themselves, and their children. If you want to avoid the additional inconvenience, it is best to take all these documents. Above all, it is very important, if the father and the child have different last names.

By the way, if you are going to go far, for example to the CIS countries, with which Russia has signed intergovernmental agreements in the field of mutual travel, then the child’s birth certificates will be sufficient to cross the border. You cannot worry about the passport design. According to the child’s testimony, they will be allowed, for example, to go to Armenia and Belarus, this allows him to make a travel plan with his baby only to Russia if not to other Eastern European countries.

If the baby goes on vacation to Russia with one of the parents; While mom and dad live in peace with others, an agreement to leave the child abroad is not required in the second parent. However, this document is required, for example; If you are in a divorce with your husband, you can write to the migration service application that does not agree to leave the baby with you. Another important point; Even if you have a complete family order, ask before traveling; It says about the child entry with only one basic legislation of the country in which it is addressed. The laws in Russia to travel with a baby can sometimes change laws, it is better that I ask at least one month before leaving.

If you plan to send your baby abroad with your grandmother, consent to travel will be required. It is enough for one of the parents to sign this document (of course, if the mother and father do not conflict). The document must indicate where; for how long and with whom the child travels, and there must be a notary visa. 

Baby insurance

Travel insurance is now mandatorily issued for all travelers who purchase tour packages. If you are traveling with a baby, you can limit yourself to a standard policy, but it is better to organize an extended version.

A standard insurance policy has a limited range of activities; and the provision of certain medical services will not be covered by the policy. Considering that immunity in children under one year is not as strong as in older children and the baby can move from heavier acclimatization; it is better not to risk and little to pay more for extended insurance.

Prepare yourself with some insurance policies for a child up to 6-7 years since they are a third more expensive than for an adult. Companies are motivated by the fact that children are sick more often than adults.


For children under two years of age, airlines have a special “infanta” fare. It may differ depending on the operator. Some companies allow free transportation of children, some with a significant discount (up to 90%).

However, a travel agent is required when making an excursion in advance taking into account the following:

When we take a family tour with a child at the time of the trip (or during) and this is two years old; you can propose to move the tour date; and return before the child turns two, to avoid unnecessary surcharges.

If the child is two years old at the time, or at the beginning of the tour, and immediately book the trip as a child over two years (since in the hotel for the placement of a child it can be free).
If you mark the two years on the day of departure, or, for example; On the last day, the offer to buy a ticket can be made separately.
If you buy a ticket yourself, even through an online agency, you must first know the rules of the airline, whose services you will use. It is these rules and they determine whether or not you will be allowed to board the plane with the baby.

For example, a flight to Moscow from anywhere in the world, the baby must pay a certain sum of money. At the same time, for example, Aeroflot is really ready to take the child for free. The rules are always individual, and you should always specify the details.

Some carriers may sell tickets according to the children’s rate; even if the child is two years old during the trip. Some may sell the ticket there at the “infanta” rate, and vice versa, at the “child” rate. Some require immediate payment at the usual rate. All this must be clarified in advance by the airline.

Nutrition and strollers

Standard rules for carrying luggage in the case of babies; They are somewhat broader than with adults. Of course, different companies can give some of their conditions; but there are common places where you can be free to carry strollers; and have food with the baby (even if it is liquid).

If you plan to visit with a baby in Russia, keep in mind that on the plane you can take a car, and pass it on the luggage already at the entrance of the plane; In the same way you can do it at the exit. In addition, many airlines have places for passengers with children; with additional space in front of the seats, where you can place the crib. With regard to the allocation of baby food for a child and water; there are not, on the one hand, laws that allow the passage of baby food; even more than 100 ml in hand luggage; on the contrary, such nuance is better to specify the carrier. If you are not sure or do not have time to clarify; it is better to take with juice or food for a special package of 100 ml; as well as a special children’s water.

In addition, when visiting with a baby in Russia, special baby food can be ordered on board, this must be done no later than 36 hours before departure. Individual carriers can place an order in 24 hours.

It is also recommended to have the baby’s favorite toys next to the aircraft and a trip; books or tablet with cartoons, so it can distract the child in case of bad mood or tantrums; and for the rest of his son, and thus the rest of the other passengers and travelers is in the most comfortable way possible.

Traveling by car in Russia with your baby

If you want to vacation in Russia with a baby, it is essential that babies use the special chair. If this rule is not met, they can give you a large fine and retain the car to travel with the baby to Russia; You should take into account that if you take a car tour you must tell the agency to take the baby’s chair into account. Also if you rent it, do not forget to ask if there is availability of this space chair. Because your rental plans will be frustrated

By the way, the usual baby food should not only be carried on board the plane; but also in luggage. After all, children often refuse to eat local foods; and the usual food for the child in that case is very useful.

Of course, don’t forget to pick up a first aid kit and take a sunscreen with the highest degree of protection.


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