Holidays in Russia in Spring

Holidays in Russia in spring can be called general rehearsals for the long-awaited summer break months. Actually, this is a great opportunity to travel to Russia to distract from the school routine; Change the situation and recharge the positive. Spring break is very short; So if your stay is short, it can serve as a small break. That is why we have prepared a selection of cities where you can go on spring break with children without suffering significant damage to your budget.

So, where to go during the holidays in Russia in Spring:

  • Holidays in Yaroslavl
  • Holidays in Smolensk
  • Holidays in Krasnodar
  • Holidays in Volgograd
  • Holidays in Novosibirsk

Holidays in Yaroslavl

Holidays in Yaroslavl, capital of the Golden Ring and, in combination, one of the oldest cities in the country. With the knowledge of the city it is worth starting with an overview of the main attractions of Yaroslavl. By the way, to save additional time, we recommend staying in the center, after having rented an apartment for a week. After walking through the center, go to the private museum “Music and time” (Volzhskaya Naberezhnaya, 33a). The museum presents an impressive collection of musical instruments, antique clocks, bells and household items from different eras.

Holidays in Yaroslavl are worth doing.

During the holidays in Yaroslavl, you can see the real performances that are played in the Museum-Theater “Alyoshino Podvorye” (55, Pervomaiskaya Street). This is the manor house in which the hero lives; A kind guy, Alyosha Popovich, with his wife and other family members as a house-shaubarsh. Schoolchildren will like the My Favorite Bear “in the museum (Sovetskaya Street, 8). The museum tells visitors toy stories from the earliest times to the present day.

To rest and have fun with the use for the mind and soul will be in the museum of entertaining sciences of Einstein (Calle Sobinova, 47). The exhibits here are not only possible, but must be touched with the hands.

You can learn to understand the animals at the Yaroslavl zoo (the village of Sheveliukha) and the dolphinarium (Dubka settlement).

Holidays in Smolensk

Holidays in Smolensk, with its unquestionable familiarity, which should begin with a tour of the historic center; take a couple selfies from the viewpoint of the Cathedral of the Hill, a walk along the shore of the Dnieper; visit a couple of ancient temples and explore the wall of the Smolensk fortress.

Holidays in Smolensk where you can know more than a city.

In the glorious military past of the city you will be indicated in the Museum “St. Petersburg – Russia Shield” (Thunder Tower Street of the October Revolution, 3). Thunder Tower, which, in fact, houses a museum; One of the most beautiful towers of the Smolensk fortress wall. On weekends and holidays, the museum conducts interactive historical programs.

See during the holidays in Smolensk, how in the spring it comes, it is possible to open the Air Museum in the Talashkino village (18 km from the city). Nearby is another village museum, the property of Flonovo. The main objective of the town is the “Teremok” cabin.

Students receive lessons of heroism in the Museum of Admiral Nakhimov (Bolshaya Port, 29/1), and interactive workshops for children who will pass in a pottery studio “The Smolensk Cottage” (Tujachevski street, 5) and in the Museum “The world of stories” (Lenin Street, 15). The three museums are 5 meters from each other, and a 20-minute walk from the Smolensk fortress. In the same area, you can spend the night, with good apartments there.

Holidays in Krasnodar

Krasnodar, the capital of the Kuban, in spring break will please the dimensionality of life, the emotional atmosphere and the goodwill of local residents. In the city it is worth starting with a walk along Krasnaya Street, where you can find street musicians and artists on weekends and holidays. There you can rent a comfortable apartment worth 1500 rubles. In general, the historic center has many attractive places: Pushkin Square, Gorky Park, Catherine Square and others.

See, touch and even smell everything and immediately it is possible in the entertaining center “Galaktika” (Uralskaya street, 98/11). There are constantly exhibitions of insects and animals, a planetarium and an oceanarium are open, there is a center for children “Kosmodrom” and a maze of mirrors that is in operation.

Curious schoolchildren should visit the “Einsteinium” museum (Calle Gavrilova, 27). In the museum, children will be told and show the principles of physics, chemistry and other exact sciences. Yes, and don’t forget the Krasnodar circus (Rashpilevskaya street, 147). In the program, air gymnasts, clowns, athletes, trainers.


Holidays in Volgograd

What is associated with Volgograd? Of course, with the commemorative complex “Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad”, Mamayev Kurgan and a great figure of the Fatherland. Other views of the city are also connected in one way or another with the Great Patriotic War. All places of fame and memory in one day cannot be seen exactly, for this you must be prepared. Even a simple walk through the center can be delayed until late at night; Keep this in mind and look for a place in advance where you can rest and clean up after long walks.

The learning will be an excursion to the famous planetarium of Volgograd (Gagarin Street, 14); One of the most modern and largest in the country. Play programs for children during the holidays holds a museum by preserving “Old Sarepta” (Krasnoarmeysky district street abundantly, 10). During the school holidays, you can meet in the museum of musical instruments (Bystrov Street, 257).

Of active and informative mention of entertainment is the Museum of Science “Einstein” (Lenin Street, 70) and the Ethnographic Museum of the popular architecture of Cossacks and Life (Ilovlya people, Railroad Street, 2c). Here, for visitors, rituals, master classes in workshops and horseback riding are held.


Holidays in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is often called the capital of Siberia. Spring break in such a city will be a brilliant adventure. You can start to know Novosibirsk from the center (by the way, the most beautiful apartments are being rented there): Lenin Square, Krasny Prospekt, Pervomaisky Square. The Galileo entertainment and research park (Dobrolyubova, 16a) can be used all day. Here you and the interactive programs, and the master classes, and the chemical experiments, and in general, a lot of fun.

Spring is associated with the sun in Novosibirsk, with an unusual museum of the Sun (Ivanova Street, 11th). Solar symbols, solar gods and rituals: it will be what is said in school! You can see the stars and planets in the Novosibirsk planetarium (Klyuch-Kamyshenskoe Plateau, 1/1). Preparing for spring break at the Novosibirsk circus, a zoo and a general rehearsal before the beach season can be passed in the “Leader of the Earth” water park (National Street, 12/2).

You can visit a fairy tale at the Interactive Museum of Fairy Tales (Krasny Prospect, 99) and feed the squirrel in the city parks. Labyrinths, gaming machines and other fun entertainments await children in the Funky Town Park Sun City (SEC Sun City, Karl Marx Square, 7). The children’s club “Ura” (TRC “Aura”, Military Street, 5) prepared many activities for spring break.


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