Places to sleep in Moscow: Hotel Metropol

Places to sleep in Moscow while you know the city. Where to stay in Moscow, a city full of hotels of all kinds. The Metropol Moscow Hotel is a great option for you.

Places to sleep in Moscow

Hotel Metropol MoscĂș

Where to stay in Moscow

One of the buildings that most attracts the attention of tourists in the Russian capital is the Hotel Metropol Moscow. Not only because it is one of the most famous and luxurious places to sleep in Moscow but because it carries behind it. Hidden in its imposing silhouette that stands towards the Russian sky, an important and very interesting story.


Places to sleep in Moscow: Stay at the Metropol Moscow Hotel

The Metropol Moscow Hotel has been undergoing major changes according to the changes; which faced the country and has hosted several of the most important personalities of each era. Not only from Russia but from all over the world. Also, for tourists staying in Moscow.

Hotel Metropol Moscow Location

It is located in a strategic area for the majority of tourist tours in Moscow as it is located between the Red Square and the BolshĂłi Theater. Which allows its guests to be able to go for a walk to these important sites without having to stay away from their lodging. Something that many tourists look for today. It is one of the best places to sleep in Moscow.

History of the Metropol Moscow Hotel

For the beginning of the last century, specifically in 1901; Hotel Metropol Moscow opened its doors as a cultural center. It had a restaurant, art gallery and theater. It became one of the most important and luxurious centers of the city.

Hotel Metropol MoscĂș

However, this cultural project was truncated with the Russian revolution; since by 1917 it was taken and occupied as a military barracks. Then a year later, when the Bolsheviks made Moscow as the Russian capital; This impressive building was used as a seat of government, receiving the name of Second House of the Soviets.

When the USSR gained international recognition; The Metropol once again became an ostentatious hotel. It housed the most important foreigners who visited the country.

Recently, in 1991 the hotel opened its doors after an important restoration and now it is once again positioned as one of the best hotels in the world and an important place to visit in Moscow.

The Metropol building is a great building

The roof is covered with a glass dome, the flat walls alternate with panoramic glass windows, the arches decorated with granite are on the ground floor.

At first glance, the hotel is outside the square as a whole, but the arched arches of the facade continue in the Maly Theater building. The turrets on the roof continue the line initiated by the Tretyakov passage, and are collected by Kitay-Gorod the Historical Museum.

On the two main facades there is a ribbon of Andreev’s incredible plastic bas-reliefs “The Seasons”.

On the windows of the third floor there is a mosaic quote from Nietzsche: “Once again the old story: when you build a house, you realize that you have learned something.”

The facades are decorated with 23 mosaic panels.

The largest, “Princess Dreams” Vrubel, is located on the facade of the Theater Passage. Five large Golovin panels are located in the corners of the building, the authorship of small panels has not been established. The balcony grill was designed by M.M. Peretyatkovich.

In 1901, when the exterior was coming to an end, there was a fire at the Hotel Metropol Moscow. The bas-reliefs and panels were not affected, but Mamontov, who was being investigated, could not afford a luxurious construction. “Metropol” saved Kekushev, who made a cheaper project. In 1903, it housed a hotel, 10 stores, 11 restaurant halls for dance evenings, exhibitions and costumes, as well as a two-room “Modern” cinema.

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A new project of hope to stay in Moscow

The new project of the main restaurant, which replaced the theater, was developed by A.E. Erichson In the center was a newly manufactured cement fountain.

In November 1917, the Metropol was assaulted. Under the new government, it becomes the Second House of the Soviets. Nietzsche replaced Lenin: “Only the dictatorship of the proletariat can free mankind from oppression.”

The People’s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs, the departments of the party leaders (Antonov-Ovseenko, Bukharin, Voikov, Kona, etc.), writers, were located here. Here I lived I. Rukavishnikov, and in 1918 in room 253 – Mandelstam. Living in room 438, R. Ivnev recalled: “… it was pretty good, but only the eternal hustle bothered me, then the unbearable and bold servant.” Here open a cinema, coffee imaginists “Kalosha”.

In 1951, a dinner was held in honor of Mao Zedong in the Metropolitan Red Hall, and Stalin was present. In the early 1960s, they received John F. Kennedy.

Metropol was closed for restoration from 1986 to 1991. It is now a five star hotel.

Special services of the Metropol Moscow Hotel

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Hotel Metropol Moscow has a swimming pool and gym is located opposite the Bolshoi Theater, in the center of Moscow. It offers to stay in Moscow with free parking and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

  • The rooms of the historic Hotel Metropol Moscow are decorated in Art Nouveau style with large windows, chandeliers and antique ornaments. All rooms and suites are equipped with air conditioning and flat screen TV. Bathrobes, free toiletries and slippers are provided.
  • The Metropol restaurant serves a rich breakfast buffet and European dishes. Drinks and snacks are offered in the elegant Chaliapin Bar.
  • Hotel Metropol Moscow has a sauna, massage service and beauty salon.
  • The Kremlin, Red Square and Teatralnaya metro station are a 3-minute walk away.

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Places to sleep in Moscow this is the favorite part of the city among our guests, according to independent comments. Staying in Moscow is possible only in GuiaRus.