Where to skate in Moscow

A very popular question in the winter season for tourists is where to skate in Moscow. Ice skating in Moscow is indescribable and fascinating. Ice skating in Moscow is ideal for you during this season.

When the winter gets stronger and the snow covers the vain life of the city with a festive white veil, many residents of the metropolis remember winter sports, among which, of course, skating. At first glance, it seems that in large cities, where high-rise buildings are a priority, there is little room for ice rinks. In fact, this is not so. We will inform you about the most popular places where you can skate today in Moscow.

Open ice rinks

Ice skating in Moscow for those who like to enjoy skiing in the cool icy air, in noisy company and, often for free, with the onset of cold weather, there is a network of outdoor slopes. Its charm lies in the fact that they are located in the parks, squares or in the schoolyard. The open skating rinks in Moscow, today also offer skate rental.
Also, now travel time in open areas does not depend on the training of skaters or the games of hockey players. Here you can spend time without a subscription and without a preliminary refinement of the calendar. An attractive feature of open skating rinks is the possibility of the participation of adults and children in entertainment programs. In some of them the weekly massive night skating is organized.

VDNKh ice rink

The skating rink in the Exhibition of Economic Achievements was the result of the joint work of experienced specialists and professionals of the highest class. This unique project claims to be the largest ice rink in the world.
With its contours, the VDNKh track repeats the shape of a golden fairytale key. But, perhaps, its most important feature was the highlight. Everything shines: the facades of the buildings, the fences, a pedestrian bridge and even the ice from the inside! Thanks to such a light infrastructure, a unique space is formed, something that resembles the northern lights.

In the Gorki Park

It is one of the largest skating rinks in the capital. With an area of ​​18,000 square meters, you can simultaneously skate up to 4,000 people. The ice sheet of the rink is manufactured with special technology and, therefore, climatic changes do not affect the quality of the ice. It is made according to the design of a German company and works until spring.
There is a special playground for children on the track: the smallest visitors to the park can learn the basic principles of skiing in comfortable and safe conditions.

In Sokolniki Park

There is a large outdoor ice rink in the “Sokolniki” park with artificial surface. It starts working long before the frost and is ready to receive visitors even at a positive temperature. The area of ​​the ice rink is more than five thousand square meters.
A new uniform payment system has been introduced with the help of cards on the track, which will include both the rental of equipment and costume services, as well as access to the skating rink and everyone can buy on weekdays and weekends. week for 10 or 20 visits.

GUM in the Red Square

It is located in the center of the city, in the Red Square. Visitors praise the ice rink a lot for the good iceberg, which is not surprising, after each skiing session it is treated with a special combination. The area of ​​the ice rink is 3000 square meters. The ice rink has a capacity of 450 people. The daily capacity of the track visitors is 4,500 people per day.
The track is played with nice background music, which creates a winter atmosphere. Visitors are offered free wardrobes and toilets. There is also a cafeteria where you can have a snack and warm up with hot drinks.

In the park “Krasnaya Presnya”

This is a large area in the center of Moscow, with beautiful views of the city of Moscow and the World Trade Center, it is equipped with two rollers, two tubing slides, playground for private corporate events.



Closed skating rinks

Ice skating in Moscow on closed slopes is possible. The closed skating rinks with skate rental are located in the “Morozovo” palace, in the “Skazka” park, as well as in the shopping centers. The advantages are obvious: artificial ice sheet, independence of the climatic conditions, presence of light music, medical office and comfortable air temperature (11-12 degrees Celsius). In addition, the indoor skating rinks in Moscow offer corporate celebrations and parties, skate discotheques, shows with the participation of professional skaters.


It is the only playground in Moscow for mass skating games. The ice palaces in Moscow do not have the opportunity to organize skating in two places, you can choose between “silent” and “play” ice zones. Everyone can travel for fun, without interfering with anyone.


The ice skating rink located on the 86th floor of the Oka tower in the city of Moscow, is a unique construction. The building itself is the second tallest in Europe after the East Tower Federation of the same business center. Therefore, BMW Roller is at a record height: 354 meters above the ground!


Sports complex “Krylatskoe”

The capital complex in Krylatskoye became the embodiment of all the latest technological developments.
In the first place, it is a unique water treatment system, in fact, the main criterion for evaluating such sports facilities is the so-called “fast ice”, and the last one, as is known, is obtained from water.
In general, the results in the Moscow indoor stadium depend on many important factors, such as the human factor, the cooling complex, the ventilation and air conditioning system, the proper functioning of the work of numerous electronic equipment and much more.
In the arena of the Krylatskoye Sports Complex, it is possible to perform competitions in the six ice sports: speed skating, ice hockey, figure skating, curling, short track and hockey.


The children’s sports development center “Vershina”, which is named after Olympic champion Sergey Makarov, is a complex of physical culture and health as well as a high quality artificial ice rink. This is an opportunity to practice sports at the most accessible prices.
In the territory of “Vershina” there are two skating rinks, as well as sessions of figure skating and mass hockey skating. The hockey training center works. Also available to customers, there is the individual fighting zone with the corresponding sections (box, sambo, aikido, taekwondo), the jump zone for hockey simulators, the gym for functional training of athletes.

In the “Mega” shopping mall in Khimki

In Khimki, “Mega” is located on the first floor and is full of ice rinks. Here, throughout the year, children and adults can travel. The ice is of good quality, and is renewed every two hours.



Ice rink in the park “Skazka”

It is a new ice rink with a cozy roof, located in the western district of Moscow on Krylatskaya Street, very close to Rublevsky and Novorizhskoe Highway and TTK.
Infrastructure: the size of the ice is 20 × 40 m, it has comfortable changing rooms, rental and sharpening of skates and musical accompaniment. Near the skating rink there is a cozy cafe, where you can see online what happens on the ice. It works all year.

Where to skate in Moscow here we have solved it. Ice skating in Moscow is an interesting and bright idea to have a nice time. Ice skating in Moscow is ideal for you.

Of course, each skating rink has its advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to find a suitable place for you and dedicate free time, not only for the body, but also for the soul. To do this, invite your friends to play ice or your soulmate and go for glory!