If you have just arrived in Russia request tours in Moscow

If you have just arrived in Russia request tours in Moscow

Sightseeing tours in Russia, a nation that has now been developed for tourism. Guided tours in Spanish in Moscow or Guided tours in Spanish in Saint Petersburg, The largest cities not only in size but in history and places, with us we guarantee more than just an excursion.

parque-de-la-victoria-2If for work reasons you have moved to Russia and you do not fully know the city of Moscow, a place where you will have to work every day within a few days and you have no knowledge of the language; you may find yourself very disoriented in this new place; request  tours in Moscow, guided tours in Spanish in Moscow   to make it much easier for you to start getting your bearings; know the places with all the information; and do not miss any detail of everything that the tour guide will explain to you.

After several days of  Spanish guided tours in Saint Petersburg  ;Moscow or other areas of Russia where you plan to be for work or leisure purposes; you can already know the transport in Russia, the names of its streets and historical places that will leave you amazed; and to which you will plan to return once you have time after starting work.

If you are going to be in Russia for a long time, it is best that you start to get familiar; The tour guide who will speak to you in Spanish will be able to tell you about the different types of transportation to travel, the schedules, the best places to eat or to walk; the most visited sites in Moscow. You will do great excursions in Moscow   at a very good price ideal to get into every street and in every place to get used to living in this place.

In the guided tours in Spanish in Moscow you can check the best shops to buy clothes or the cheapest places to look for more sporty clothes for rest days; You will be able to do guided tours for you as long as you comment on the reason for your visit to Russia; the guide will be able to adapt to your needs and pick you up at the hotel to start the day with sightseeing tours in Moscow that will take you throughout the city.

If you have brought your family to see where you will live for the next few months; You can invite them to travel with you informing you of the price so that they can bring companions to do the tour with you; and enjoy a little vacation before you go to work, request tours in Moscow that meet your expectations; professional guides will be at your service; and with a complete follow-up of itineraries and visits that will convince you of the excellent service that you have requested in advance; and which you will be enjoying for a few days.

Sightseeing tours in Russia accompanied by our expert guides, has never been better.

GuiaRus, much more than a tour

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