Guided tours by Russia with GUIARUS

GuiaRus offers to our customers in Moscow a English guided tours, guided tours in English in St. Petersburg and guided tours in English at the Golden Ring of Russia and elsewhere, to the farthest corners of Russian territory hiking excursions.

Choose a tour to suit you

We offer customized private tours, we pamper our customers, we are happy to help in GuiaRus work with you and think about you and your vacation. GuiaRus, much more than a tour.

What we can do for you

We are pleased to offer quality services, giving support to all people who contact us, without obligation and always thinking about his trip to Russia.

In GuiaRus have splendid guides in English, professional and experienced guides who reside in the place where they work and to show not only buildings or statues but also the mysteries around every corner, you will be advised of the best places where walk, eat well and serving Moscow, St. Petersburg or Russia in general. Rest assured you are in good hands, trust our professional guides in English, make a trip without worrying about anything but to enjoy the city. Hire a tour with GuiaRus and make all this possible.

“GuiaRus, Much more than a tour”
Private tours in English

All tours are in English with a guide who speaks the language correctly and all tours are private, without your explicit consent can not put them with any other group of people. We are committed to it. Enjoy your tour with the tranquility that deserves every corner of Russia, do not run, know Russia with a tour for you.

Payment on arrival in Russia

Do not pay anything until you are in Russia, with GuiaRus not have to pay anything in advance, we will not ask bail by booking your tour. Because confidence is very important to us, and therefore our customers will not have to pay anything up to Russia. Make sure you have the tour to suit you and pay commissions to send money. We try to do our job as comfortable for you.

Start and end the tour at your hotel

We pick you up at the hotel and return you to the hotel. It is always accompanied from the beginning to the end of their English-speaking guide, always sure he would help in any way you need. No wander without knowing where it is, we tell you step by step where you can stroll, where best to eat and how to get there from the hotel.
Choose a tour to suit you from the wide range available to us.

Do not pay for the canceled tour

With Guiarus not have cancellation fees, because we know that plans can change and understand the situation of people who visit us, we will waive any charges for cancellation of booking your tour. Rest assured, travel with the security of being held to understand it, as we are all tourists in one country or another, we know it means to be traveling and have setbacks.

Shuttle services to pay after being in your hotel

We have a shuttle service and not have to pay duty at the time, you can pay for the service with the rest of the payment of the tours, because we trust our customers.
We understand that customers have to seek a fair exchange and therefore do not need to pay anything until the first day of tour and allow time to seek a change in fair coin.

Monitoring from the start

We will be watching the situation at all times, we will follow from the central and maintain direct contact with your guide to keep things running smoothly and if you need something out of it later agreed not to have it.

24h helpline for all customers

Have a telephone number 24h, because we know that being in a country that is not their own can have drawbacks, especially Russia with the language barrier, we provide you with a number that you can call at any time for any situation or incident .
Buy tickets to shows in advance

In GuiaRus we bought the tickets of the shows you want to visit, getting the best accommodations recommended and what each city shows are.
These entries can comfortably pay the Paypal account of the company with confidence and send proof of purchase and all their facts right.

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