Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Registration and confirmation
eleven. With formal booking a trip, the applicant must sign with GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” a contract by telephone, writing, fax, mail or Internet registration forms – in line (to be confirmed by email). The travel contract becomes effective with the acceptance of the application for registration by GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус.” It will inform the customer in writing or by email with the booking confirmation.
1.2. If the content of the confirmation differs from the content of the register, as is expressly stated, GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” is bound to make a new offer for 10 days. The contract comes into existence on the basis of this new offer, if the applicant agrees in writing, orally or email the applicant agrees to the new conditions.
1.3. Check-in is applied to the applicant and to all participants contained therein. Similarly, both are responsible for fulfilling the obligations of the contract, in case there is any problem, explain separately.
1.4. Along with the online booking, by email, you do get an Itinerary with information of the tour and the client, this makes contract by both parties.

2. Payment
21. With the conclusion of the contract and receipt of proof of the travel price (invoice), the user must make the payment in completion or commencement of the first day of tour or terminate services as specified by your itinerary.
2.2. The payment for services or extras reserves by customers perform differently becoming necessary fertilizer inputs or partial integral in the case of cruises.

3. Services
3.1. Issues that are agreed by contract must clearly state in writing the information on the travel confirmation or itinerary sent.
3.2. GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” the right to legal regulations adjusted considering unforeseeable reasons before the termination of the contract expressly reserves changes. The traveler will be informed well in advance.

4. Service and price changes
4.1. Changes or differences on the agreements of an individual trip, according to the content of the travel contract, made after the end of it and were not caused by GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” are permitted, provided they are aspects that do not affect the process of the booked tour. Possible warranty claims remain intact, according to the statement. The company is obliged to inform the customer about essential changes.

4.2. Price changes are only possible after the conclusion of the journey, others, such as transport costs, port charges, airport taxes or circumstances arise decambio types.
In that case, we will inform the customer immediately. The price increases are necessary up to 28 days before departure are not allowed.
4.3. In the case of a price increase of more than 5% or a significant change in travel conditions, the customer is entitled to demand the return, net of fees, of the costs incurred or to request to join an equivalent journey, As minimum.
4.4. The customer must assert these rights immediately after receiving the explanation of GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” on the price increase or change of trip making.

5. Waiver and assignment of the contract
5.1. The customer can withdraw at any time before the start of the trip, according to the contract terms. It should explain the arguments and express written resignation and this condition is essential.
5.2. To date of the trip, the customer may assign its contractual rights to a third party to participate in the trip, who inherit all existing debts and obligations. The tour operator can refuse the participation of third parties in case of not meeting the conditions or if their participation is against legal or administrative measures.

6. Contracted services
If the participant withdraws from the travel services for reasons that are attributable to him, GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” does not require payment by the contractor.

7. Withdrawal and cancellation by the tour operator
7.1. If the description of the trip explicitly notes that there are a minimum number of participants and this number is not reached, GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” may terminate the contract. In this case, you will be informed in writing to people the reasons for the cancellation later than 10 days before travel and offered the resignation so far. The tour price will be refunded immediately.
7.2. If the customer makes any violation of the contractual relationship for the trip, GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” may terminate the agreement without notice. In this particular case the company reserves the right to the necessary repayments, of which you can deduct the expenses incurred. Passengers will bear the additional costs of return.

8. Termination of the contract of natural causes
If the trip is complicated, threatened or harmed by an unforeseeable act of nature beyond the control of either party, GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” as well as the customer can terminate the contract. The company reserves the right to claim adequate compensation to cover the costs incurred so far. Likewise, the company is required to take the necessary steps, particularly if the contract includes the return of the travelers back to their country. Additional costs for the return shall be divided in equal parts. All additional costs shall be borne by the traveler.

9. Warranty
9.1. Corrective Actions – If the trip does not meet the conditions set, the traveler may require corrective action. GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” may deny the application if it requires a disproportionate effort. The company may also take corrective action, offering an equal or greater value service in place. The customer must report all deficiencies and deal with this request immediately, informing the travel guide or by calling the telephone numbers on the travel documents.
9.2 Termination of the contract – If a trip is significantly affected and GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” does not solve the problem within a reasonable time, the traveler will be able to cancel the travel contract as part of the legal, making a written statement and justified.
9.3 Compensation – The customer may demand compensation if it finds tangible arguments it received does not correspond to the contracted services and benefits were reduced. This does not apply to outside GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус ‘circumstances.

10. Limitations of Liability tour operator
10.1. GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” is responsible under the legal provisions.
10.2. The contractual liability of GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” for damages, not including personal injury, is limited to three times the value of the trip if the damage was not caused intentionally and whether the company is responsible.
10.3. GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” is not responsible for any services contracted with third parties. These are specifically listed in the travel documents and smooth operation corresponding to the contractor. GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус ‘is responsible for transport services including customer from the starting point and the intermediate zones while traveling, accommodation and other logistical aspects.
10.4. GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус ‘may invoke international agreements against the client, in case of a claim for damages.

11. Obligations of travelers
11.1. Under the laws, the obligation to reduce the damage, the customer is obliged to cooperate in order to prevent or reduce damage if errors occurred during the execution of services.
11.2. Users are especially obliged to immediately address their objections. There will always be local contact information with staff GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус.” If such travel is a companion guide, it is not entitled to make a statement about rights of compensation. In the travel documents provide information about telephone numbers and addresses of local offices GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус”
11.3. If the user does not indicate a deficiency, the right to price reduction does not apply.
11.4. Travellers should follow the advice of your guide or escort at all times, GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” is not responsible for personal injury caused by negligence of the traveler.
11.5. GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” is not responsible for any misuse of the services, transport, vehicles … that may cause personal problems or materials GuiaRus customers’ ООО Гиарус “damage and all damages caused by actions outside GuiaRus company “ООО Гиарус.”

12. Exclusion of claims and prescription
12.1. Until one month after the end of the trip, as agreed in the contract GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” is the maximum that the user has to make his allegations of breach of contract. Upon expiry of this period, the user can only make claims that the criminal law allows.

13. Conditions for obtaining passports and visas and health provisions.
13.1. GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” must inform the public of the conditions for obtaining passports, visas and health formalities (eg vaccines and certificates required by the police) that are needed during the stay and any amendments to these rules before to departure.
13.2 Each participant must be in possession of a valid identity card (ID card, passport), possibly with a visa – is responsible for compliance with the rules on passports, customs and vaccination. All disadvantages resulting from the violation of these provisions shall be the responsibility of the passenger.
13.3 If exceptionally GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” is responsible for obtaining visas will not assume obligations for the time of release of the diplomatic mission concerned and receipt of the document, unless the delay is attributable to the enterprise.

1. Transportation by bus, boat, train or plane, each according to their travel.
2. Accommodation, when this service is included in the program, in the establishment and / or maintenance contract on each trip. In the double rooms it is permitted, whenever possible, to enable a third bed on request, considering that the use of the third bed is made with the knowledge of other people occupying the double room. For all purposes in printed documents and travel, this condition will be reflected as a triple room.
3. All other services and complements specified specifically in the relevant routes, such as transfers, sightseeing tours, ferries, gratuities, porters, etc.
On certain dates, such as Christmas, Easter, local holidays, which dates conferences or other special events are held, the prices of hotels vary, empowering these circumstances to revise the price of travel at this time.

1. Visits and excursions not expressly included in the brochure.
2. Rates of airports
3. meals, coffees, wines, spirits, mineral water, etc., or other products consumed by the traveler at the hotels or any other establishment which is not specified in the itinerary.
When the lack of connecting flights, even caused by changing schedules, overnight, forced to make a long wait at the airport, the expenses will be paid by the passenger, unless explicitly stated

16. The tour operator

The trips are organized by GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус.”
GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус” Naberejnaya Presnenskaya 8-1-484c-1
Moscow 123 317
General Director: Leonid
GuiaRus “ООО Гиарус ‘, registered in Moscow on February 18, 2014 with the name in Russian” ГИАРУС “under the main official registration number 1147746146294 with the certificate issued on the Finance Sub Interdistrict Moscow Nº46 Federal Office Hacienda Russia.

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