GuiaRus representative in Argentina

Veronica foto

Hello from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My name is Veronica Arroyo Gil, live in Argentina but my family is from Spain, has long I’m related to the topic of sales, I like being able to provide what people look while maintaining the quality and trusting what I sell.

I started my career at American Express, now I have changed much of the world but use that experience and professionalism to develop my work in GuiaRus Argentina. From Buenos Aires I will be your support, if I may here and orientate them and help you organize your holiday in Russia after all my colleagues made trips both with efficiency and professionalism expected.

We will be happy to make available my knowledge and skills to give them my advice in putting together itineraries, tours, as well as in transportation services and any other needs they may have during their stay in Russia.

I have to serve in the email

Do not hesitate to write me with all you need

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