Where we are located and legal documentation

Our office is located in one of the most known and respected Moscow sectors. Moscow City located in our office is equipped with everything needed to manage services of all kinds, from individual tours to group tours, unlimited volume.
GuiaRus registered in Moscow on February 18, 2014 with the name in Russian “ГИАРУС” under the main official registration number 1147746146294 with the certificate issued on the Finance Sub Interdistrict Nº46 Moscow of Russia Federal Finance Office.

Our specialty

We specialize in private services and group guides in the cities of Moscow, Golden Ring and St. Petersburg, performing the comprehensive service for all our customers.
We provide guides, transfers, hotels, management shows and more during their stay in Russia. And for their preparation we advise them with everything they might need, know Russian well and we can help make your trip as comfortable as possible. Ask for help. Contact us
But GuiaRus puts much more than the two major cities within reach, we invite all the tours we did in the Russian Federation. See Guided Tours in Spanish

As we work

With guides can make your reservation easily and quickly, confirming your reservation by email, our company will send you an itinerary that will serve as a reserve.
At that point you can make a payment of 10% of the total tour or the tour may pay his arrival in the city without making any payment. The payment on Russian territory will be made in rubles, dollars or euros according to the current exchange rate of fertilizer. It will also be made by bank card.
Do not hire any company, security reserve, reserve Reserve GuiaRus trust

Why GuiaRus

GuiaRus besides being a company that has everything you need to make your trip more comfortable and safe transportation services are available to drivers in several languages. In addition to the above services with our company you may request letters of invitation to arrange a visa without incident quickly and safely.
With GuiaRus you have insurance for all services from the beginning to end of the tour, from leaving the hotel to return to it. Rest assured that you are in good hands, do not travel with fear or contracting with companies that do not take responsibility for what might happen.
GuiaRus, much more than a tour


GuiaRus born from the idea of ​​showing the tradition and culture of Russia, as well as the beautiful places that are here.

In GuiaRus we have professional guides and experienced guides who reside in the place where they work and to show not only buildings or statues but also the mysteries around every corner. Choose a tour to suit you from the wide range available to us.

GuiaRus although it is a relatively young company, is a solid company that works with tours and individual and group excursions, putting all the necessary means so that the tours are not only show the city you want to watch, but also everything that never I had imagined seeing, culture and bring tourists to the Russian costubres.

We are known for our level of satisfaction and not in vain our slogan is “GuiaRus, Much more than a tour”.
Rest assured you are in good hands, trust our professionals, enjoy your trip without worrying about anything but to enjoy the city you visit. Hire a tour with GuiaRus and make all this possible.

GuiaRus Much more than a tour.