The elimination of visa requirements for some countries in Latin America will serve to expedite the tourist exchange between these countries and facilitate procedures and waits at airports and embassies to the achievement of the World Cup in 2018. The country is set to point and works to prepare the host cities for the large number of fans who will gather to celebrate the historic sporting event every four years remains in suspense much of the world’s population are made.

12 majestic stadiums eleven host cities are preparing to lodge its infrastructure passion that this sport arouses in many people of different nacionalidades.El football world will be a great opportunity and a great excuse to visit Russia and live differently .

The country has also made increasingly more international fairs in which the meeting and exchange between different enterprises of all types occurs. Commercial relations are established, new products on display, and advertising sales are made. Among the most represented themes are tourism, clothing, food, transportation, technology, among others. Are held in many cities, but the most chosen are Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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