Kizhi and Solovetsky Islands

KizhiIn the Gulf of Onega, bathed in the White Sea, and about 165 kilometers from the Arctic Circle are the geographical location Solovetskie.

Por Islands, the archipelago has an arctic-like weather. But this should not stop, worth the cold for the chance to meet such a beautiful place like this. The islands have landscapes that vary from one another, presenting a biome taiga or boreal forest in the Bolshoi Solovetsky Island, while in Malaya Muxalma found a tundra biome.

kizhi 2

The number of species of flora and fauna that can be sighted on different islands is an attraction for lovers of natural life planning a trip to the alternative circuits in Russia. They have a long and rich history of the islands. In 1702 Peter the Great ordered the construction and visited Solovetsky Monastery Andreevsky.

On the island Bolshoi Zayatsky, there are about 13 mysterious but very beautiful labyrinths made of stone. The buildings are of the best preserved of its kind in the world, inviting conjecture purpose or meaning. Meaning that archaeologists attribute to them is to be the tomb of shamans and chieftains. The purpose of the labyrinth would prevent their souls return to the world of the living.

In this region the island of Kizhi, which you can arrive by cruise ship is also found.

Isla Kizhi

Among the activities that can be performed in the city, is visiting the Kizhi Pogost, monument declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Can also tour the Church of the Intercession and Transfiguration Church, buildings dating from the eighteenth century.

During the winter also worth visiting the island of Kizhi, because in this time of winter sports such as skiing are practiced.

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