The Russian Revolution

Acorazado Potemkin

During the reign of Nicholas II, the Industrial Revolution unfolded. This would increase the influence of the factors that ultimately end up with the Tsar.

The conflict was mainly around the issue of land ownership. The Party created by Lenin advocated a social, economic and political revolution, and gradually was adding support of intellectuals and peasants.

A first revolution happened in 1905. The army cracked down hard in St. Petersburg. Strikes are famous Odessa (Battleship Potemkin) that gave rise to the historical film, and Kronstadt. The Tsar stopped the riots with promises and rejected the claims of the revolutionaries.

The final crisis of the regime was given to Russia’s entry into World War II. The already strong public discontent grew for the lives lost to war and famine. This process eventually culminated in the October Revolution of 1917 army units defected to the revolutionary and in St. Petersburg the first “Soviet” (Council of Workers and Soldiers) was created.

The Bolsheviks came to power. Led by Lenin, signing the country’s fate for the coming decades. The most important goals of the revolution were to class inequalities and the formation of a socialist society.

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