The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Cartel propagandistico de Stalin

He was born in December 1922. During his term, power is concentrated in an exaggerated manner in government. Stalin established a totalitarian government that persecuted opponents and harshly repressed citizens.

He developed a strong propaganda machine to get the support of the masses. The defense capability of the Red Army quantitatively reduced as a result of the terrible mass purges applied.

As a benefit, we can list the industrial modernization and armed forces, and the large deployment of civil works carried out at the time.

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.Then Russia participates in the Second World War. Lot of resources are mobilized to confront the resistance to the invasion of Nazi Germany. The role of the nation was instrumental in the defeat of Germany in what became known as the Great Patriotic War.
The culmination point of socialism was reached at 60, at which time the country was going through its period of greatest development and then plateaus. A huge crisis would result in changing the political course of the nation.

The Cold War, the name by which it was known to the conflict between the two competing world powers: the USSR and the United States dominate the international scene for decades. This was a political and ideological confrontation, in which the two powers vied world domination. This situation would lead to the division of the world, in the arms race crowned the sad atomic bomb, and, years later, in the space race.

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