Ritz MoscuWhile it is true that Moscow since Soviet times back not characterized as a city hospital too, that had only some overly ostentatious and expensive but undeniably beautiful hotels, now nobody can claim lack of accommodations as an excuse to visit this city.

And there are accommodations of all types and especially for all budgets and budgets.

Just do not like Moscow is the most expensive city in Europe.

The most abundant in the city are five star hotels, well filled with luxuries and comforts and perhaps unnecessary exorbitant prices.

Of course the beauty and customer service that they offer are second to none, but still not everyone is in a position to afford it.

If you are lucky enough to travel to Moscow without worrying about the budget, then you have at your disposal a range of unique possibilities, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities.

hotelWhere you stay you will not be difficult to find and the closer to the city center is, increase the beauty and quality, but remember that so will the price.

The hotels that are closer to the Kremlin and Red Square are definitely more expensive, but in return you will have an unbeatable experience and ease of movement for the city quite difficult to achieve.

If you, like most people, you are looking for accommodation to suit a specific budget, you can find hotels not as ostentatious, with an average price that fits into the pocket of a tourist averages, of course, in a not so convenient location but without having to go far in excess of the city center, and also a customer service quite good and comfortable.

Lotte hotelIf, however, you are making a trip on a budget priority and lower costs as much as possible, do not be discouraged, although with fewer amenities, you always have accommodation options to suit what you can spend.

The most important thing for you would look for places to stay away from downtown, but if possible, be near a metro station so you can move easily by Moscow.

You can find budget hotels that allow you to stay for 25 euros a night and quite comfortable and pleasant conditions.

Accommodations are apartments. Many individuals and companies rent apartments in various areas of Moscow tourists so they can stay number of nights more comfortable than a hotel.

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