Airports in Moscow

DomodedovoSuch a large and important city like Moscow receives thousands of visitors not only from Europe but around the world.

This has created a strong need for efficient networks that can withstand the heavy traffic of tourists, and Moscow has responded in a very good way with its air transport network.

This network is composed of five airports in Moscow Bykovo Airport, the international airport Ostafievo the Sheremetyevo International Airport, the Domodedovo International Airport and the Vnukovo International Airport.

Of these the first two are responsible for making local travel within the country and the last three are dedicated to international flights so they are much larger and important and serve much larger number of people.

The most important is the Moscow airport Domodedovo, which serves more than 16 million people each year and is the airport where flights usually arrive from Spain so if you are Spanish it is best that you go familiar with this airport.

It is the only one with two terminals and since its creation it has been permanently reshaped and modernized so today is the most modern in Moscow and there is no indication that this will change in the coming years.

Therefore Domodedovo airport has facilities that will blow you away.

The main drawback of this airport is located about 35 kilometers south of Moscow so you must be prepared to make the journey to the capital.

At the entrance of the airport there are always several taxis ready to take you directly to your destination, but you’ll find that there are two quite different price ranges together, correspond to the cheapest taxis circulating illegally. You can also reach the city by bus or light rail.

sheremetyevoThe second most important airport is Sheremetyevo with traffic of more than 12 million passengers a year.

Modernized and less tidy than the Domodedovo facilities, the airport at least has the caveat be closer to Moscow, about 15 kilometers.

It is mainly used for trips departing from Russia, and some starters from Germany and Australia, in addition to domestic flights.

BnokovoThe last international flight making airport is Vnukovo.

While it is the oldest of all, it is the latest to join the international market so even the most flights remain to cities within the country.