Meals in moscow

BlinisThe multicultural character of the Russian people is reflected in the richness and variety of their dishes.

Generally high-calorie content to withstand the cold, the Russian food offers many opportunities to enjoy and get to know a little more of the culture.

Abound soups, salads and representative and famous worldwide as the unique dishes “Beef Stroganoff”.

Among soups, one of the most typical is the Schi. It may contain potatoes, cabbage and meat. Variant thereof includes beet called Borsch. It is a typical Ukrainian soup. It is very popular also Solianka, made with fish.

Russian soup is consumed during all months of the year. Some people have the habit of consuming it daily as a starter.

It is also widely consumed the Olivié salad, known worldwide as “Russian salad”, white bread and black bread.

The traditional “Blini” delicious and popular pancakes, sometimes used as an alternative to sandwiches.

Russians consume much similar to beer drinking, Kvas, which may or may not contain alcohol.

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