tumba lenin
Mausoleum of Lenin

Many tourists seeking exotic experiences on their trips, adrenaline-filled adventures, breathtaking landscapes or exclusive tours. There are also many tourists who prefer more quiet and comfortable travel, with tours of the city and, of course, know the most important museums and historical sites.

So now we present some of the major museums that you can visit on your trip to Moscow. The first site visit once every tourist come to Moscow is the Kremlin and Red Square.

And it is precisely here where you have the opportunity to visit your first museum in Moscow, and definitely the most bound. This is nothing more and nothing less than the Lenin Mausoleum. The resting place of the Bolshevik leader of the Russian revolution that led to the Soviet era, one of the most important periods of history not in Moscow, but throughout the country.

Although Lenin always asked for a quite humble and simple funeral, his followers chose not paying much attention and his embalmed body on display in a glass case inside the mausoleum. Because psychologically prepared to see the body inside the casket can be a very powerful experience, but you can not miss if you are in Moscow.

Museo historia
The Red Square

Without leaving Red Square, your second museum to visit is the State Historical Museum in Moscow. An extraordinary and striking building, in a particularly lively and intense red, this museum has an impressive and stunning architecture.

What at first glance may seem a custom built under some prince building is home to an immensely vast historical objects and documents from all periods of the city actually collection. A long journey awaits you certainly invaluable in the State Historical Museum in Moscow.



Galeria Tetriakov
The Tretyakov Gallery

Red Square outside but always in the center of Moscow you’ll meet the Tretyakov Gallery. Built in 1856 by Pavel Tretyakov, this impressive gallery has in its collection of Russian works of the twentieth century, with all that implies artistic movements, from cubism to the impressions.

One of the main advantages of this gallery is that despite being so interesting, happens quite alone most of the time so you do not have to worry about crowds.