Restaurants and cafes of Moscow

Restaurants and cafes in Moscow

One of the most important elements when considering the destination of your journey, but the most important, and we always make great expectations, no matter the place we go is the food.

Why it’s so important to know as many dining options available and choose those that best seem to us to eat and visit.

There are mainly two types of restaurants: the renowned, luxurious, with a luxury charter will guarantee a delicious meal and great service; and are the cheapest restaurants that better engage our pocket.

We must remember that the low price of a restaurant does not imply that the food is of poor quality or service is bad, but flaunt it less ostentatious and often the popularity of the place is directly reflected in the price.

A restaurant of the first type is the Expedítsiya, located in the alley Pevchesky, which specializes in own food in northern Russia.

You do not eat cheap but you are guaranteed that the ingredients are brought from Kamchatka, a remote region which already talking on our items.

With a menu full of Siberian dishes, this is an option that can not be overlooked.

Another restaurant you can not miss is the Café Pushkin, on Tverskoy Boulevard.

Specializing in the Russian dishes, this place not only offers a good quality restaurant but also a bakery and a bookstore so take a meal here could be considered a tourist spot on your agenda.

If you can not afford to spend much on food and walk in search of the cheapest options that Moscow has to offer, then there are several options to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or taste of the food.

First we have Mu-Mu, a chain of buffet restaurants offering traditional Russian dishes.

The good thing about this place is that each plate of food has a sign in English explaining what is so you know what you’re eating, a problem you can find in other restaurants.

Moreover, this chain has a presence throughout the city you will not have trouble finding one near where you are.

If by chance you were to visit Red Square and looking for where to eat, in the GUM you can find Stolovaya 57, another excellent buffet food and really cheap prices.

Some recommendations for eating in Moscow

Restaurant “Drova”

This restaurant started as a small room in the center of Moscow and is now a network of restaurants around town, one of which is opposite to the entrance of GUM next to the Church of Kazan.

Once a tourist to see the sign he named Latin style: APOBA – it really is very much based on the letters.

The good thing about this restaurant is that it is not very expensive and a buffet lunch.

The advantage is you. You can see the food and choose what feels known and rich.

You can not say that the specialization of this restaurant is only Russian cuisine, there are dishes and other regions of the Former Soviet Union.

In the restaurant sign he says: “55 dishes for 630 rubles.”

That’s true, but the drinks are not included.

On weekdays from 12.00 to 16.00 there is a business-lunch for 200 Rub.

In addition, I would say that the downside of this place is that not all waitresses speak English.

But the language of the signs think I understand everywhere.
Prices: The buffet – 630 Rub, drink – Rub 80-280

Traktir “Yolki-Palki”

This chain of restaurants is also very popular in Moscow.

It is also what you. Searching in case you want to eat typical Russian food.

And not only the food but the interior of each restaurant is very typical Russian.

Everywhere you will see elements of village life, and waiters dressed in traditional Russian costumes.

The salad bar is made as a “telega” – which is like an open carriage used in the villages.

There you can see a number of typical Russian salad. Hot dishes can be chicken, beef or pork, trout.
Prices: buffet of salads – 375 Rub, buffet of hot dishes – 375 rub, drink – Rub 90-170

Cafe “Mu-Mu”

One of the most popular among Russian and foreign tourists places, as all the dishes can be seen before catch, the prices are quite democratic, the quality of the food is quite good.

There are a variety of Russian salad, the main course also allows you to test different flavors typical Russian.
Prices: a salad from 40-60 Rub / 100 gr, hot plate – Rub 70-170, drinks – Rub 30-60

Restaurant “Cafe Pushkin”

This restaurant is for those who want to spend the afternoon in a nineteenth century environment. Inside, waiters, dishes – makes us remember all those times when he lived the best known and most beloved poet Pushkin Russian people.

Even the building where the restaurant a few times has been visited by the poet. Here you will be offered a number of typical Russian dishes, salads, entrees. Since this place is very popular recommend making a reservation.
Prices: dinner $ 60-120 per person

Restaurant “Godunov”

Another place of traditional Russian food.

This restaurant is at the back of the Red Square, near the Hotel Metropol.

The local restaurant is in the former refectory of the monastery was founded in 1600 during the reign of Tsar Boris Godunov.

The three rooms restaurant can receive 140 people at a time.

Every night in the restaurant there is a concert of Russian and Gypsy folk music.

Better you make a booking your reservation.
Price: A $ 50-100 per person dinner.
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