The Circus in Tsvetnoy Bulvar

tsvetnoy-bulvarThe Circus in Tsvetnoy Bulvar (Boulevard of Flowers) – is one of the oldest circuses in Russia. It was founded by a former rider and gymnast Albert Salamónskiy. When the October 20, 1880 the circus opened its doors to the local públlico just had 5 rows of seats without numbers and a special gallery for the people watching the show up (he now holds more than 2000 people). 4 years after the circus they added a few blocks of stone and in 1889 built a pool.
In 1919 by decree of VILenin circus it was nationalized and became the first state circus. In one of the most popular Soviet clowns Yuri Nikulin, who acts in the circus since 1950. His reputation continues to grow thanks to the cinema, where he acts as comic turns. In 1982 he was appointed director of the Circus on Tsvetnoy Bulvar Muscovite.
Since December 1996 when the 75th anniversary was celebrated director circus bears his name “Muscovite Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Bulvar”.
Thanks to the efforts of Y. Nikulin and his personal participation in the years 1985-1989 was built again the local circus and in 1997 to help veterans and young artists circus future he founded the Fund benefeciencia “Circo and Mercy “. After the death of Y. Nikulin in August 1997 the direction of the circus took his son Maxim Nikulin.


The Great Circus Muscovite State opened on April 30, 1971. The public was surprised with the great amphitheater of 23 rows with 3428 seats and the height from the sand to the dome – 36 meters. Speaking of the local architecture as their technical capabilities are astounding 18 meters underground, as they call it – in the basement – there are 5 replaceable arenas: horse, ice, pool, light and illusions. No circus in the world has this kind of sands with a “hands on” gigantic are lowered and moved to one side and then another “hand” takes another arena and up. This whole process takes no more than 5-7 minutes.

The circus has over 1000 artists, including winners of international awards in Monaco, Paris, Verona, Rome, Milan. The head of the group is the world famous artist who won the Golden Clown Award – Leonid Kostiuk.