Russian Folklore Show

Russian Folklore Show

The National Ballet of Russia "Kostroma"

During the summer period from mid-June to mid-September the Ballet “Kostroma” gives more than 100 historical performances on the stage of the concert hall of the hotel “Cosmos”. Viewers of this show are both Muscovites and people from around the world and everyone has the opportunity to admire the world of dance, art, history and culture of our country.

National show of Russia “Kostroma” is a show that conquers the world. In France they call “Wonder Russian dance”, in Holland – “The spirit of Russia”

50 artists on stage, a virtuoso technique, great performance, 22 stages of transformation of artists, 10 tons of cargo, 500 unique costumes 12 changes of scenery, projections of video, pyrotechnic special effects, heavy smoke, fire and the sky with stars – all this is the great reality of the “National Show of Russia” Kotsromá “which fascinates visitors of all ages and nationalities.

The premiere of the show was successfully held in one of the most prestigious venues in London – at the Hammersmith Apollo theater, on the main stage of Moscow – State Kremlin Palace in the famous Pale scenario Congre Paris and Luxor in Rotterdam . Among the audience were the mundilmente known Couturier Pierre Cardin, the Russian ambassador to France Alexander Orlov, members of royal families and other public figures.