Plaza roja inviernoTouching the issue of climate in Moscow, most will invariably comes to mind the idea of ​​extreme and unbearable cold, hard winters and inhospitable temperatures that can reach discourage any tourist.

And I can not deny that Russia is a country frozen, however this depends very much on the area and time of year, so that stereotype of the Russian cold is just that, a stereotype.

In fact, depends on the conditions under which you organize your trip, you can get to know a warm face of Russia about which little is spoken.

Therefore we recommend that you always can, plan your trip during the summer months, as the weather is quite nice and the walks around the city will be much more pleasant and comfortable.

As data, the average temperature in Moscow is 7 degrees Celsius. More durable station, of course, is the famous Russian winter, and not by choice it has earned its reputation as the temperatures used to drop to -25 degrees Celsius, but today hardly low of -10 degrees, which you can “thank” to global warming.

Winter starts to feel since late October but comes with snowfall and a month later, in late November, and runs through February.

It is precisely in February when it reaches the dead of winter, and for a couple of weeks temperatures can drop quite.

If you decide to visit Moscow during this period, for the world to forget a warm coat, gloves and everything you need for low temperatures.

Contrary to what they say, unless you come from a tropical country, you will not have major problems with the Russian winter.

iglesia veranoAfter winter comes spring, and as elsewhere, the trees again gradually filled greens, flowers begin to appear again and the temperature rises again, reaching an average of 20 degrees.

Summer is quite variable and can change in a short time of 18 to 30 degrees, and although hot weather during the day, nights are freezing so we recommend that you always prepare a couple of sweaters.

Autumn, usually starting back in September, going as usual, accompanied by decreases in temperature, which generally ranges between 0 and -8 degrees.

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