AltaiAnother time we head south. The Altai Republic has borders with Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan. In its territory the Biya and Katun rivers, along with Lake Teletskoye. In recent years, agricultural activity that promotes the economy of the region, the sum a growing tourist industry.

Its rivers originate in the mountains, and the deep lake Teletskoye has been named a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The region is crossed by the Altai or “golden mountains”, a mountain range that runs through four countries: Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

This region is very attractive for those who practice adventure tourism. One option is rafting. In a place known as “Extreme Park”, sports height can also be performed.

Near the village Chemal, you can take a tour on board the cable car hydroelectric dam, and also to the young and daring, do “bungee jumping” or puentismo with the beautiful natural environment of cliffs.

This region differs from others in Russia for its differentiated and targeting the young tourism offer. Traditional attractions such as museums and churches exist even represent the main entertainment.

On the way to the mountains, you can purchase local products, food and crafts markets in season. Some of the most sought are honey, which comes in a version with nuts, pickled cucumbers delicious, the flavored liqueurs and strawberry jam.