CrimeaThe Crimean peninsula is a Federal District, from 2014, is part of the Russian Federation. Surrounded by the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov, Crimea beautiful bordered to the north with Ukraine. Its varied landscapes and rich wildlife make it a very attractive tourist destination for travelers from all countries.

Its recent accession to the Russian territory represents an important acquisition for the tourism industry as país.En its shores are a lot of bays and harbors. During the time of the Soviet Union, Crimea was one of the largest and most famous resorts. They abound in its territory “dachas”, name given to the Russian garden of the late nineteenth century. The dachas are currently used as summer homes and weekend.

One of the biggest attractions are the beautiful Crimean resorts, which are among the most popular in Eastern Europe. For those who like alternative and natural medicine, there are places where therapeutic mud baths, where tourists can relax and treat diseases that are mainly related to muscle and joint pains are offered. As in almost all cities of Russia, here also you will know its ancient and medieval monuments and admire the enchanting landscapes.

Crimea 2Simferopol city is its capital. Visiting it allows to know the history reflected in the streets of Russian style that were built during the reign of Catherine II. It has an extensive network of public transport. The historic center of the city, nature reserves with unique species, and the Museum of the Heroic Defence are other tours that can be made in Crimea. Also worth visiting is the city of Yalta, which has a pleasant Mediterranean climate and is surrounded by mountains. It is attractive both in winter and summer. Your choice of culinary attractions (bars, cafes, restaurants, etc.) is varied and plentiful. You can visit the White Dacha, built by Anton Chekhov and constituted today as a museum.

On the beaches of Yalta is very common practice of water sports, but is also very suitable for those looking for a quiet beach to relax.