KazanReturning to the Volga River, we find the city of Kazan, capital of Tatarstan Republic. It is one of the most densely populated cities of the Russian Federation with more than one million inhabitants. It holds two nicknames: it is known as the “third capital of Russia” as well as “Sports Capital of Russia”.

Its climate is friendly to the tourism from other latitudes, as it has a humid continental climate with a large temperature range without temperature extremes.

It has one of the largest ethnic and religious diversity of Russia, representatives of over a hundred nationalities including Russians and Tatars stand, and a balanced coexistence between different faiths. Its official languages ​​and the most used by the public are the Tatar and Russian.

It is a city with great infrastructure, with a major mall. It has many industries of all kinds, along with major universities and research centers, in which great figures of Russian history such as Lenin and the great writer Tolstoy were educated.

Among its features is the Kremlin buildings, I ordered to be built by Ivan the Terrible. It has parks, religious buildings and limestone walls.

During the summer, the city develops Sabantui traditional Festival, which combines theater, sports, gastronomy and music tents assembled for the occasion.

It is also highly recommended that a boat tour to Sviazhsk, an island which is also a nature reserve. Once there, you can visit three monasteries with imposing churches founded in the sixteenth and nineteenth century.

The city offers a wide and varied range of accommodation and restaurants for all ages and budgets.