Other places of interest

It is virtually impossible to exhaustively list all interesting to meet and places to go in Russia. It is a country with a vast territory and such a long and rich history, which always remain somewhere out in any listing.

Besides the traditional Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities already enumerated above, now we will make a number of suggestions only for the purpose of awakening his curiosity, so when traveling through Russia, new ideas and places to meet arise. A good idea is to check with your agency excursions, orient them know about different places best known to suit your personal preferences.

Ice Caves in Chelyabinsk

Ice Caves, located in the province of Chelyabinsk on the banks of the river Ai. Reached by bus and then continue on foot. It is a somewhat mysterious attraction, a cave containing two caves inside, along with a lake with drinking water. It is believed that the cave was a hiding large amounts of gold that have been stolen by Yemelyan Pugachev, a famous impostor who led a peasant war the eighteenth century.

The Lake Brosno

In the Tver region and Andreapol you are near the Lake Brosno. It has a depth of 43 meters and a length of ten kilometers. It is a fishing spot for those who like to spend their holiday in a natural and familiar environment. It includes a mythological story, as some legends that inhabit the lake bottom such a Loch Ness monster dragon.

The fall of the "Tunguska meteorite"

A place that has become an unlikely tourist attraction, is the epicenter of the fall of the famous “meteorite” Tunguska. By all accounts, in the place they are still small remnants of the meteorite. However, no conclusions about the truth about the event, we only know that there was a strange phenomenon that brought down about 80 million trees over an area of 2,000 square km and carriages and people lay 500 km away.

A trip on the Trans-Siberian

Be historic train that runs east-west Russia, it has a route covering 10,000 km of roads and seven days to be made in full. Spend and has stops in many cities, being among the most important Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk and Ulan Ude.

Along its route you can admire beautiful landscapes, as they pass through the region of Lake Baikal.

The Siberian was then opened thirteen years of work, 21 July 1904. linking Moscow with the Russian Pacific coast, the city of Vladivostok.

During his visit to Russia, reserve a place on your itinerary for a trip aboard this historical giant to live an exciting time.


Despite being a very cold region, it offers interesting attractions. His landscapes are beautiful and offer the possibility of hiking or rafting in its rivers. There you can also fish. The Valley of Geysers is a wonderful place worth visiting to discover its impressive features.

An interesting ride for is offered for helicopter flights over its many volcanoes or can be reached by trekking to achieve unique and unmatched vantage points. Kamchatka is a region indicated for those who enjoy outdoor activities and adventure tourism.


The attraction of this city rebuilt after hosting successive battles and invasions, lies in its historical significance. Volgograd is a must visit for tourists interested in Russian history and military conflicts, which offers some attractions such as the Statue Mamayev Kurgan, an impressive monument built to honor those killed in the Battle of Stalingrad.

The monument also includes a giant statue of Mother Russia.

The Panorama Museum, meanwhile, provides details about the battle of Stalingrad: military objects, uniforms, weapons, military planning maps, etc.


It is a city on the banks of the Ob River. It is the capital of Novosibirsk Oblast, and is one of the largest cities in Russia. It has the largest station along the extended Trans-Siberian route.

Other attractions are the largest library of Siberia and the Theater of Opera and Ballet, one of the largest in the country.

Novosibirsk is also found in the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, considered one of the most faithful representatives and examples of the architecture of the Russian Orthodox Church.

During his trip to Russia, he does not hesitate to meet these wonderful places that are generally outside the traditional routes offered.

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