SochiSochi, the “Russian Riviera”, is one of the most important and most visited by tourists in the Federation. It is notable mainly for its beaches, a characteristic that unlike most of the cities chosen by tourists in the country.

Sochi has an international airport and railway stations. It is a very convener resort, standing even continental level. Its subtropical climate, vegetation and warm and clear sea make the delight of tourists who visit and enjoy the beaches during the summer months, while between October and May can do sports such as skiing. In 2014 it hosted the Winter Olympics, thanks to its great stadiums and infrastructure in housing that allowed him to host an event of this magnitude. There a tour of Formula One is also performed: the circuit Russia – Sochi.

Its cultural life is very rich, has several theatrical establishments: the Winter Theater, the Summer Theater and the Hall of Organ and Chamber Music, which regularly Sochi Symphony Orchestra presents. It also offers museums like the Art Museum, the Ethnographic Museum and the Literary Museum, held in memory of NA Ostrovsky. The city also has several temples of most religions professed by its inhabitants, as the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Michael the Archangel.

Sochi 2A particular attraction worth visiting is the Oceanarium, which has a range of 30 aquariums that exhibit visitors to four thousand marine species.

Another natural attraction that you will enjoy visiting in Sochi Agura Waterfalls are. There you will find beautiful and pristine waterfalls and unique panoramic views. In the Botanical Garden Dendrary, species of plants and trees from many parts of the world are on display.

You can also visit some of its mineral containing gaps, according to locals, healing properties. For its tourist importance, Sochi offers a variety of dining and hotel offer all levels.