ValaamNow we head towards Lake Ladoga, the largest area in Europe. There we met the famous Valaam Monastery.

The old convent that has the record of being the oldest in Russia, home to monks who are responsible to show the place to tourists and care and maintenance conditions. It belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church, he has a beautiful cathedral and a huge bell tower reaches a height of 72 meters. Around the main building, the monks built hermitages, chapels and crosses.

During the time of the Soviet Union, where religious buildings were closed, the Valaam Monastery functioned as pulp and as Marine Institute. He spent that period, again put into operation.

Other trips that can be done on the island include a visit to the chapel of St. Nicholas and the cemetery of the abbots, attend an evening Mass in one of the temples of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior or take a tour of the island Skitski.

Valaam 2The archipelago has a special microclimate, warmer than nearby locations, and is also a natural attraction with its beautiful cliffs, coasts, forests of conifers and pine trees of great antiquity. It is a walk of spiritual tinge, spiced by the beautiful scenery and the attractive and original possibility of getting there by boat.