Yaroslavl (Golden Ring)

YaroslavWhen the Volga and other rivers meet, we find the beautiful historic city of Yaroslavl, one of the towns that make up the Golden Ring. Located about 250 kilometers from Moscow, Yaroslavl is an important trading center. Home to numerous churches that were built in the seventeenth century. When Catherine the Great ordered a program of urban renewal in the year 1763, the buildings were renovated respecting the neoclassical style and following a development plan with the peculiar star shape. Some historic features including Spassky Monastery, were preserved.

Yaroslavl’s historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The city is also historically important for being birthplace of the first theater, Volkov, and founded the first library in Russia.

The city is also a paradigmatic representative of the Orthodox religious architecture and has over fifty churches. Among the best known, we can name the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord, considered his major point of cultural interest, the Church of Prophet Elijah with its beautiful emerald dome and the Cathedral of the Assumption.

The city also has other attractions for tourists: a large and varied theater scene, excellent philharmonic orchestra, a planetarium and a permanent circus. It is a very important and populous city, with several colleges and developed transportation system. It also has an airport and a railway bridge over the Volga River. For tourists interested in sports, especially football, the city has the additional attraction of being one of the venues of the upcoming football World to be held in Russia in 2018.

Yaroslavl is a ready and well prepared to receive tourists visit, an important hotel and gastronomic offer, interesting walks, theaters and other attractions that make it an attractive option outside the traditional circuits city.