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History of Russia

The period of formation of our Russia began from antiquity and continues to this day. And each of them is full of lots of interesting information. We will consider the whole brief history of Russia from its birth through the USSR until today.


The history of the Russian currency is reconstructed from archaeological excavations and records kept by chroniclers of a local ruler. At certain times, the Russian ruble of local residents and the passage of large trade routes.


Russia’s economy and economic news in Russia is the result of a heterogeneous combination. A mixed combination that emerged from the great reforms of the 90s with unconventional methods acquired.


Russia’s perspective on international relations, especially in modern ones, was more famous for its “open soul” and almost never fought aggressive wars and other policies, the Slavic peoples generally regarded the peoples of other territories as their potential citizens, and not like their new colonies, which should be squeezed to the fullest.


Russian culture is closely related to the accumulated cultural experience. On the other hand, Russian modern culture absorbs, processes, transforms trends related to the development of culture as a whole.

Russian People

The Russian people are not characterized by arrogance, the Russian is rather distinguished by openness in communication; Russians are also distinguished by patience, the ability to listen, compassion, generosity and hospitality.


Russian traditions and customs in the Russian people are abundant and varied that pass from generation to generation and is still maintained over time. For this reason, these popular festivals have been preserved over the years.


Millions of people continue to believe in superstitions, despite categorical explanations from scientists and other healthy and knowledgeable specialists. Russian superstitions are very predominant because they are very believing in everything because of their culture.


In every city or town in a huge country like Russia there is something to offer the traveler. Memories of the trip to Russia or better known as souvenirs from Russia are generally better to buy in native historical places of origin so that these are original and of higher quality


Every day, millions of inhabitants of the world cross the borders of different countries and states and to enter or leave certain countries you need to have a visa such as Russia, which requires a visa. How to cross the border of a foreign state? Do I need visas and what types?

Trains in Russia

Modern trains in Russia offer a large selection of amenities, services and travel options, from standard seat cars to comfortable “luxury” coupons. They have everything you need for a long and comfortable trip

Other information

There are several places to have fun in Russia, which ensure your enjoyment regardless of whether you like nature or extreme experiences. These places promise to give you incredible experiences during your visit.

All you need to know before traveling to Russia: History, culture, people, customs, food, Visa, economy, currency, souvenirs, superstitions, relationships and future of Russia.

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