Ded MorozWeddings are experienced as something very special. In some cases, the celebration lasts two or three days. According to the religion that professes traditions vary. In some cases special dates are chosen or some people as “bad luck” are avoided.

Great importance is also given to the Christmas celebrations, New Year and cumpleaños.La parties and offer tradition of taking tea is a deeply rooted custom. It takes on various occasions: at work, to entertain a visit accompanied by cakes and pastries, home, etc.

To prepare the tea a very traditional instrument is used. The Samovar is a tool that is used to heat water and keep warm. In the houses of crafts and gifts you can get this beautiful examples of traditional Russian object.

It also happens that the Russians give great importance to gifts. For meetings or birthday gifts ever made to honor who invites. Bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolates, a good wine or a special tea will always be well received.

Giving flowers is also a custom with peculiarities. Is a must do on a date, and the number will always be odd.