History of Russia

The history of Russia as a state is also extensive, complicated and with many ups and downs. Invasions, wars, changes in the territorial and political organization abound in the tour’s history.

We carry out a review of the major events that led the nation to global prominence it enjoys today.

To find the roots of Russian history, we must go back to the ninth century with the formation of Kievan Rus, whose disintegration due to internal wars but also, in large part, to the Mongol invasion. The invasion devastated Kievan Rus, but the principality of Nósgorov escaped occupation. This region later became the Principality of Moscow.

The disintegration of the Mongol Empire would lead then to the Golden Horde, from which they came to depend much of the principalities of Kievan Rus. The release of the Mongolian influence take more than a century.

In the period between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, the Russian state continued a process of centralization around Moscow, uniting all lands located to the northeast of Russia.